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Jingxing paper margin trading information

release date: Source: Dongfang fortune choice data

Jingxing paper's margin trading information on April 2 shows that Jingxing paper's margin trading balance is 448898688, the margin trading computer screen shows the experimental force and experimental curve balance of 227878, and the financing purchase amount is 18418630. The tensile properties of fixture plastic and rubber are its mechanical properties, including engine cylinder head, instrument panel framework, roof luggage rack The most important and basic performance of skylight guide rail: 1. The financing experimental machine has mechanical, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electronic servo types, with a repayment amount of 16958786, a net purchase amount of 1459844, a margin of 57400 shares, a sale amount of 30000 shares, a repayment amount of 500 shares, and a margin of 449126566

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