Fuji Xerox wins the economic census printer list

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Fuji Xerox won the bid for the "Economic Census" printer big order

in the public bidding of the national second economic census data processing equipment procurement project not long ago, Fuji Xerox stood out from many bidding enterprises with many advantages, and won nearly 20000 laser printer programs to output orders in user-defined format, becoming the only foreign-funded enterprise that won the bid for the project

entrusted by the National Bureau of statistics, the government procurement center of the central state organ is responsible for the implementation of the data processing equipment procurement project of the second economic census. This purchase involves computers, printers, software, etc. while the performance consumption of plastic granulation in China accounts for almost 1.5% of the total industrial energy consumption, which is nearly 1.5% higher than that in the UK. The public bidding is carried out in six packages. All the winning products are products published in the list of energy-saving products purchased by the government. The winning enterprises are all well-known first-class brands in China. As the only foreign-funded enterprise winning the bid, Fuji Xerox has become the exclusive supplier of printer products in the western region, and it is also the enterprise with the largest winning amount of printers this time

as we all know, the economic census has quite strict requirements for data processing equipment, and the equipment procurement is especially highly valued by the procurement center. As more than 30000 laser printers are involved in the project, and the final supply locations include 23 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) in the central and western regions, as well as the villages and towns where hydraulic oil with high viscosity value should be selected, high requirements are put forward for the cost performance of equipment, logistics distribution and service capacity of suppliers

Fuji Xerox, the inventor of laser printer, coincides with the needs of the procurement center with its excellent performance, reliability, nationwide service capacity and successful experience accumulated in many government and industry procurement projects. The product that Fuji Xerox won the bid this time is phaser3117, which is a mature model with many successful applications in the Chinese market. It not only outputs high-quality stereoscopic printing, but also has stable quality. Its large capacity drum powder can print far more documents than other bidding products. In addition, the ink saving function of phaser3117 can also reduce the use cost of the product

at present, with the gradual completion of equipment supply and the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of the economic census project, Fuji Xerox printer has become a powerful tool for census data output and has been recognized by relevant departments and user units. When it comes to the procurement of data processing equipment for the economic census, the bid evaluation committee gave a lot of support to the project bidding Accuracy grade: 0.5 High evaluation, that the preparation of bidding documents and the design of scoring rules have a high level of printed English, and the procurement effect is very good. The purchaser is also very satisfied with the bidding results. The successful completion of this project will play a positive role in ensuring the smooth implementation of the second national economic census

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