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Fuji Xerox and Yashang Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on November 16, 2007, Fuji Xerox, the world's leading document management expert, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yashang (enterprise) Group Co., Ltd. in Beijing. This signing marks that Fuji Xerox has truly introduced digital printing into the field of traditional printing. According to the agreement, Fuji Xerox and Yashang group will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, make full use of their respective advantages and resources, and carry out continuous and in-depth cooperation on many aspects of the application of digital printing technology in the field of traditional printing, such as short edition printing, on-demand printing, art reproduction, etc., so as to promote the effective combination of digital printing and traditional printing

based on the previous successful cooperation, Fuji Xerox and Yashang will promote the cooperation to a closer and deeper direction. Both sides will be able to provide customers with more sophisticated printing products and will have a breakthrough significance for their respective business development. Through this cooperation, Yachang group will receive strong support from Fuji Xerox in digital printing products, commercial printing quality and other printing services; Fuji Xerox will use Yashang's practical application and testing of Fuji Xerox digital printing equipment in daily business to obtain more technical experimental data and results, so as to promote both parties to expand business, improve technology and improve quality more effectively. According to the agreement, the two sides will also hold technical exchange meetings and carry out learning and training between internal technicians according to the cooperation

Yachang group is a large-scale and powerful art printing and cultural industry company in China. It is a pioneer of China's new economic and cultural industry. It has created a new operation mode of traditional printing + modern IT technology + culture and art. It has undertaken major national printing projects for many times and won many honors at home and abroad. As a leading manufacturer with comprehensive and leading digital printing solutions, Fuji Xerox has accumulated mature experience and cutting-edge digital printing technology for many years, and has been promoting the development of domestic digital printing. It has proposed the concept of new printing business, helping users open up a new business opportunity of selecting No. 32 hydraulic oil in the new cold of digital printing. China UK university cooperates to develop medical high molecular nanocomposites, It complements what traditional offset printing cannot do, provides users with a more comprehensive service, and is widely recognized by people in the industry. This high-end cooperation, relying on the integration of resources and complementary advantages of both sides, will bring customers more perfect and professional products and service experience

pan Jianping, vice president of Yachang enterprise group, said at the signing ceremony: Fuji Xerox's digital printing products, technologies and services are world-class, representing the highest standards in the field of digital printing. The cooperation with Fuji Xerox will certainly make our printing products more professional and meet the needs of customers. At the same time, technical cooperation will also promote our better development. I hope there will be more and broader forms of cooperation in the future. Deng Guojun, vice president of the business system Department of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., believes that the status of Yashang group in the domestic art printing field reflects their high-end and professionalism. I appreciate their core enterprise philosophy of creative art printing services that guarantee a longer shelf life like artists. Fuji Xerox, in cooperation with such enterprises, will certainly focus more on the improvement of its own business and increase the field of cooperation, hoping to contribute to the development of domestic culture and Zhongwang's art career

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