Fuji Xerox launches new laser printer

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Fuji Xerox launched a new laser printer

recently, Fuji Xerox, a world-renowned document processing expert, released its new entry-level A4 black-and-white laser printer phaser3115/3130. This is another important measure for the low-end market after Fuji Xerox put forward the market strategy of "attacking the low-end printer market and serving Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises. What we need to do is to switch between ziruoxi and SOHO users". For SOHO users and commercial and household print users in the low-end market, these two new products have not only achieved a number of technical improvements and innovations, but also comprehensively surpassed similar products in the market in terms of technical configuration and product performance, meeting the different customer needs of A4 format entry-level products, so that users can easily deal with higher print tasks

at present, A4 black-and-white laser printer with 14-16 pages/minute has gradually become the mainstream entry-level product in the Chinese market. Phaser3115/3130 has upgraded similar products in many aspects, such as product durability, printing cost, printing efficiency, printing quality, etc., and added functions that only high-end products originally had, making it more suitable for the growing printing needs of Chinese users

The printing speed of phaser3115/3130 is 14 pages per minute and 16 pages per minute respectively, and the maximum monthly printing load is 150000. The two products are also specially designed with 250 page high-capacity cartons. Phaser3130 is also equipped with 32m print memory as standard. In addition, in order to meet the needs of commercial office, Fuji Xerox has also configured phaser3115/3130 with richer functions than other similar products, such as ink saving mode printing, multi page merge printing, watermark printing, page template printing, adaptive printing, and various special printing functions such as medium and low-end posters exported to developed countries, so their effectiveness is not as good as Rockwell hardness test high puzzle printing

in this way, Fuji Xerox phaser3115/3130, with its excellent printing performance, provides SOHO and commercial printing users with more cost-effective product choices, and brings these users more time-saving and money-saving solutions. With the growing maturity and improvement of laser printing technology, more and more users will enjoy the quality and functions of high-end products at a lower price

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