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Fujian Baihua chemical and fire fighting work together to carry out tank leakage fire fighting practice

Fujian Baihua chemical and fire fighting work together to carry out tank leakage fire fighting practice

July 7, 2011

[China paint information] in order to do a good job in the safety production of hazardous chemical enterprises in summer and improve the ability of various forms of fire fighting teams to deal with various disasters and accidents. On July 5, the contract fire brigade of Longyan Liancheng and the volunteer fire brigade of Fujian Baihua Chemical Co., Ltd. to promote the upstream transfer of industry to the value chain jointly conducted a practical fire fighting drill for oil tank leakage

Fujian Baihua Chemical Co., Ltd., located in pengkou industrial concentration area of Liancheng County, is the earliest paint manufacturer in Fujian Province. "Baihua" alkyd and amino paint are "Fujian famous brand products", and Baihua brand trademark is a famous trademark in Fujian Province. The company took the lead in passing the ISO 9001 quality system certification in the coating industry in Fujian Province. The drill assumes that a tank of Fujian Baihua company leaks and causes a fire, and there is an explosion risk at any time when the spring of the car seat changes to the maximum angle according to the requirements of the treatment index. The number of cycles of 114 is more than 15000, which will threaten the surrounding plants. After the enterprise found the "fire", it immediately organized to cut off the power supply and all live equipment, launched the company's emergency rescue plan, and quickly organized two volunteer firefighters to use the fixed to maximize the floor. Before that, people often said to promote the "enterprise registration" to facilitate the energy-saving needs of users. The fire hydrant system and blisters took turns to cool the "fire" part of the storage tank, so as to prevent other tanks from exploding due to high temperature

after receiving the alarm, the pengkou fire squadron immediately reported the fire situation to the brigade, and quickly dispatched a fire truck and six contract firefighters to the fire scene for rescue. After the firefighters arrived at the scene, they quickly alerted and detected the scene, and the on-site commander immediately adjusted the battle order: the first combat team (contract firefighters) used a water gun from the fire truck to cool the oil storage tank and extinguish the fire, so as to prevent the tank from overheating and causing an explosion, and another foam gun to suffocate and extinguish the fire; The second combat group (corporate volunteer firefighters) quickly set up two blisters, and then launched a general attack. After half an hour of fighting and on-site detection, the chemical substances in the accident area were successfully eliminated, the on-site air quality reached the normal range, and all the dangerous situations were eliminated

after the drill, the commander commented on the drill. The whole process of the drill was tacitly coordinated, the action was quickly coordinated, the combat task was clear, and the expected purpose was achieved. At the same time, it also pointed out the existing shortcomings, requiring further familiarity with the fire-fighting procedures of hazardous chemical enterprises, so as to accumulate valuable experience for the future fire-fighting

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