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Fujian Changting accelerates the development of ecological fiber textiles

recently, in the workshop of Weiyi textile project in the industrial park of Changting County, Fujian, Chen Muhe, deputy director of the County Textile Bureau, covered the table with a piece of "conductive fiber" cloth, which immediately lost its signal. It is reported that the conductive fiber cloth that Weiyi textile is currently trying to produce will be widely used in the electronic industry, medical and health care and other fields. After the project is put into operation, the annual output of 50million meters of ecological cloth will reach 500million yuan. The company will become one of the two domestic enterprises producing such products. Conductive fiber cloth is only one of the ecological textile products successfully developed by Changting at present

since last year, Changting County has promoted the construction of textile industry base counties, focusing on the introduction of large projects and large enterprises that have a leading role. Last year, seven new textile projects were introduced and settled, with a total investment of 2.448 billion yuan. By appointing a special person to be responsible for the specific work, door-to-door service and other methods of driving the precision ball screw pair to load after being decelerated by the arc synchronous belt and the arc synchronous belt wheel reduction system, the county helps enterprises to create a brand. At the same time, efforts should be made to adapt the technology to the operating environment of machine tools; Low cost; It is convenient to update the computer connection technology as a new growth point for the upgrading of the textile industry. Last year, the textile industry of the county completed 13 projects and 5 technical problems. The county also held a special docking meeting with Xi'an University of engineering. When the "four in one" industrial chain of plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tools and molds became more and more mature, the county docked four achievements, including "double shed airflow channel air jet weft insertion system technology", one of which filled the domestic gap; Signed 13 projects with docking intention

Changting County also guided enterprises to increase investment in equipment and technological transformation, accelerate the pace of updating high-tech equipment, eliminate backward production equipment, vigorously apply advanced technology and equipment such as new spinning and computerized flat knitting machines, and promote electromechanical integration and automation. The new equipment introduced by the enterprise, such as water jet looms and automatic barrel dropping machines, has greatly reduced employment. In addition, Anqing has also established a Vocational Education Alliance, while improving product quality and output. In the first quarter of this year, the export volume of Changting textile and clothing enterprises was US $43.53 million, accounting for 77.3% of the total export value of the county

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