Fuji Xerox made its debut at Beijing International

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Fuji Xerox appeared at Beijing International Printing Technology Expo

the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Expo (chinaprint2013), the world's largest international printing exhibition in 2013, will be held in Beijing on May. At that time, Fuji Xerox, the leader of digital printing, will present its leading digital printing system, rich digital printing solutions and cutting-edge green printing technology at the exhibition with the theme of Ruizhi Changyin excellence, presenting a wonderful and all-round digital printing feast for the printing industry. At the same time, Fuji Xerox will grandly launch many of the world's most new digital printing products. Unlike previous years, Fuji Xerox will also comprehensively show enterprise users industrial solutions, which can help users create business value and promote sustainable business growth

at this exhibition, Fuji Xerox showed a number of unique technologies. Since the establishment of the lightweight alliance in the automotive industry in 2007, the code printing system includes: igen150, a color digital printing system with 150ppm ultra-high printing speed; Professional color digital multifunction printer docucolor1450ga, which redefines the new standard of color digital proofing and color management; With high productivity and high output quality, it represents a high-level production-oriented digital multifunctional printing system D125 among similar products in the market. In addition, docuwidec842, the world's fastest large format color inkjet printer, will also make an amazing debut at the exhibition. What will happen? What measures will they take

the display of digital printing solutions such as Fuji Xerox on-demand book printing, digital proofing, one-to-one personalized marketing, direct mail, bill printing, red head document production will bring new enlightenment to printing practitioners to expand new applications. In addition, Fuji Xerox's low-carbon technology that can reduce costs, save energy and protect the environment will become another highlight of the booth, including ea-hg toner, EA environmental toner, conductive heating fuser, bioplastics, and organic photosensitive drum

as the first manufacturer to enter China's digital printing market, Fuji Xerox has always been committed to promoting the vigorous development of China's digital printing industry. With the help of the platform of Beijing International Printing Technology Expo, Fuji Xerox hopes to allow more enterprises to further improve productivity through their advanced products, technologies and solutions, and achieve sustainable development while creating more business value

Fuji Xerox's booth number is e. let's look forward to Fuji Xerox's wonderful debut at the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Expo

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