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Fujian implements major scientific and technological projects to seize the lead in nano research and development, with high transmission accuracy

Fujian implements major scientific and technological projects to seize the lead in nano research and development

December 29, 2006

recently, it was learned from the Provincial Department of science and technology that the major scientific and technological project "functional nano materials" has achieved phased research and development results since it was launched last September. Fujian Institute of physical construction, Fuzhou University, Xiamen University, overseas Chinese University and other scientific research topics such as "the development of nano optoelectronic functional materials" have made rapid progress. More than 60 papers have been published in core journals at home and abroad, more than 10 invention patents have been applied for, and more than 40 graduate students have been trained. A talent team for nanotechnology research and development has initially formed, The establishment of the Key Laboratory of nano materials in Fujian Province is also in full swing

seize the lead in nanotechnology research and development

nanotechnology is recognized as one of the three major technologies supporting the development of the 21st century (information, biology, nanotechnology). According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the output value created by the global nanotechnology industry will reach US $1440 billion in 2010

the Chinese government attaches great importance to the research of nanotechnology, and the national nanoscience center was officially established in December 2003. According to incomplete statistics, more than 3000 researchers from about 50 universities, 20 research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than 300 enterprises are engaged in the research and development of nanotechnology

in the field of nanotechnology, Fujian has already taken the lead

since the eighth five year plan, Fujian Province has carried out a series of research work in the field of nanotechnology, and the research institutions are mainly concentrated in Fujian Institute of physics, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and other units

at present, the province has 45 sets of nano R & D equipment, more than 230 senior scientific researchers engaged in research related to nanotechnology, and two national excellent innovative research groups engaged in nano field research, Fujian Institute of physics and Xiamen University; It has undertaken more than 180 nano R & D projects

the scientific research level of nanotechnology in Fujian Province is generally in the middle and upper reaches of China. It is in the international leading position in some fields, such as the structural design, assembly and regulation research of nano molecular compounds, and in the domestic leading level in the preparation and application of nano catalytic materials

Experts from the Provincial Department of science and technology pointed out that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the development opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology in Fujian Province coexist

to build the Economic Zone on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait, we should focus on the development of five pillar industries: electronic information, mechanical processing, petrochemical, building materials, and clothing. Nanotechnology is closely related to these industries. Strengthening the scientific research and technological development of nanotechnology will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and produce more high-tech products with high added value

however, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the R & D funds used in the nano field in Fujian province accounted for only 3.18% of the province's three scientific and technological funds, and the capital investment was far from enough; Research forces are scattered and lack unified planning and deployment, making it difficult to form a joint force. Due to the lack of public research and development platform, the conversion rate of nanotechnology achievements in our province is low and the development speed is not fast, which can not drive the improvement and development of related industries

in order to break through the difficulties of research and development, the Provincial Department of science and technology proposed that "combine the research power of nanotechnology in our province, cultivate the independent innovation ability of the industry from the source, improve" sometimes seemingly minor changes and try to improve the level of industrial technology, develop high-tech industries with independent intellectual property rights, and use nanotechnology to transform traditional industries. "

in September 2005, the major scientific and technological project of "functional nano materials" came into being. The Fujian Institute of physical architecture of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the leading unit, has joined forces with universities, research institutes and enterprises such as Xiamen University, Fuzhou University, Fujian Normal University and overseas Chinese University. The special project includes 7 topics such as "research and development of nano molecular functional materials", "construction, structural chemistry and application of functional nano materials", forming a complete nanotechnology research and development system of basic research - applied basic research - Applied Research - engineering research, until the final sample with small volume and small tension can be selected, and our single column tensile machine is industrialized

The implementation of the special project will not only cultivate a number of leading talents in nano material research and development, but also obtain a number of practical or industrialized nano scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, cultivate nano high-tech backbone enterprises with diverse enterprises to increase market competitiveness, so that Fujian Province has a higher starting point and advantages in the new five-year plan and a new round of economic development cycle

we have frequently achieved phased research and development achievements

since the implementation of the major science and technology project of "functional nano materials", we have frequently achieved phased research and development achievements

-- Design and synthesize stable nano molecular materials with single size and special structure and target nano molecular materials with specific properties. Through the regulation of the growth direction of nanocrystals, the controllable growth of the structure and morphology of nano materials can be realized, and they can be processed and assembled into ordered and specific nanostructures

-- prepare transparent ceramics and glass ceramics laser materials with practical value and independent intellectual property rights; Prepare a variety of high-performance nano biomaterials to lay the foundation for clinical application; Nano catalysts with various structures and morphologies were prepared and applied in the fields of energy and chemical industry

-- Taking the hydrogen production process of synthetic ammonia industry and the purification of hydrogen fuel gas of electric vehicles as the application goals, high-efficiency nano catalysts have been developed; Prepare catalysts with high activity and stability, and develop ultra clean diesel oil; Using electrode materials, develop pigment sensitized solar cells with high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low cost

-- realize the industrialized production of tail gas purifier, and meet the Euro III and Euro IV standards; Develop nano catalysts to provide high-performance new catalysts for the chemical industry; Study the production process of nano functional fibers, and develop nano textile products with clothing and health care functions

the automobile exhaust catalytic purifier sample developed by Fuzhou University has been successfully assembled and tested in two automobile manufacturers

Jinwei garment (Fujian) Co., Ltd. has realized the small-scale production of super double hydrophobic nano fabrics, and the hydrophobicity has reached the national standard level 5

relevant experts from the science and Technology Department also told that the Provincial Institute of physical construction was contacting Fujian Zhisheng mining company, Fujian sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. and Fujian Chuangxin science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to seek nano phased achievements to cooperate in functional ceramics, high-performance health coatings, lithium battery materials and other fields, so as to promote the adjustment and upgrading of traditional industrial structure

insiders pointed out that functional nano materials will be the pioneer of the industrialization of high-level nanotechnology. Functional nano materials and devices will drive the development of relevant high-tech industries in Fujian Province and become a new growth point for the economic development of our province

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