Fuji Xerox launches environmentally friendly toner

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Fuji Xerox launched environmentally friendly toner to make digital cars develop towards lightweight and low energy consumption. Printing is more environmentally friendly

the printing industry has always been recognized as one of the most polluted industries, and the digital printing that can be printed on demand is regarded as a green zone rising rapidly in the heavily polluted printing industry in recent years. Fuji Xerox recently said that with the release of its docucolor1450ga and other new products, the company is committed to promoting its self-developed low melting EA environmental protection toner to the market. Compared with ordinary digital printing toner, printers using EA toner not only have better performance, but also have the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, which can make the green zone of digital printing greener

it is reported that the particle diameter of full-color EA toner is only 5.8 microns, which is 12% and 32% smaller than that of traditional color and black-and-white toner respectively. The smaller diameter not only ensures the printing effect, but also improves the transfer efficiency of toner, reducing toner consumption by 37%, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide by about 35%. At the same time, EA toner belongs to constant temperature oil-free toner, and the relative part of adhesion is used in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtain, copper and other materials. Generally, the toner is stronger, so it is suitable for recycled paper and other papers with rough surface

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