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Fujian has issued a more stringent discharge standard for the paper industry than the national standard

recently, it was learned from the Fujian provincial environmental protection department that in order to improve the pollution control level of the pulp and paper industry and cement industry and reduce pollutant emissions, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the provincial environmental protection department issued the discharge standard of water pollution for the pulp and paper industry (db35/) and the discharge standard of air pollution for the cement industry (db35/), which are mandatory, Provide a strong legal guarantee for urging enterprises to implement emission reduction

according to the introduction, in the local standards of pulp and paper industry, the emission limit of water pollutants still complies with the national standards, but the standard displacement per unit product is more strictly limited, and it is classified and treated differently according to different products. Among them, the pulping enterprises are adjusted from 50 tons/ton of pulp to tons/ton of pulp; Papermaking enterprises adjusted from 20 tons/ton of pulp to tons/ton of pulp; For pulp and paper-making enterprises, except that the COD of waste paper and paper-making is adjusted from 90 mg/L to 80 mg/L, which is a sensitive and economical mechanical experimental method, and also includes extensive expertise in engineering and prototype manufacturing, the emission concentration limits of other water pollutants are implemented in accordance with the national standards, and the drainage is adjusted from 40 tons/ton of pulp to tons/ton of pulp

at the same time, the local standards for cement have significantly reduced the emission concentration limits of various pollutants. Among them, the emission concentration limits of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide of cement kiln and kiln mill integrated machine have been adjusted from 200mg/m3 and 800mg/m3 of the national standard to 100mg/m3 and 400mg/m3 respectively

Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Department revealed that in order to eliminate backward production capacity and promote the transformation and upgrading of polluting industries, Fujian provincial local standards for sewage discharge in textile dyeing and finishing, synthetic ammonia, non electric boilers and other industries have also begun to be formulated, which are respectively a, B, P, t

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