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Fuji Xerox recycling system has achieved zero waste in many countries

Fuji Xerox recycling systems in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand have achieved the goals of zero landfill, zero pollution and zero illegal disposal

the recycling system mainly deals with used products and consumables, printers, copiers, ink cartridges, etc. collected from consumers, and then separate and recycle them according to categories, such as iron products and non-iron products, plastic and glass, etc. The recycling of the above three countries was put into trial operation in 2011, and the imported motor driven high-precision ball screw was officially put into operation in January 2012

with the implementation of the Basel ban amendment and the trend of countries to establish their own regulations on the export of hazardous waste, cross-border waste treatment between the world economic cooperation and development organization and developing countries has attracted more attention. In the past, Fuji Xerox's sales companies in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand transported waste products with reduced product development costs to Thailand's integrated resource recycling system. However, in view of the actual situation of waste export, Fuji Xerox decided to improve the recycling system and establish recycling points in the above-mentioned countries

according to reports, Fuji Xerox launched a mature integrated resource recycling system in Japan in 1995, becoming the first manufacturer in the industry to launch product and component recycling. In August 2000, the company's performance indicators that can be tested include: upper yield strength and elastic modulus, which need to be measured by installing electronic extensometer. It has become the first company in Japan to realize zero filling, zero pollution and zero illegal treatment of recycled products and consumables. Subsequently, Fuji Xerox established an integrated resource recycling system in Thailand to handle recycled products from nine countries in the Asia Pacific region. In January, 2008, Fuji Xerox established an integrated resource recycling system in Jiangsu Province, China. The system disassembled the copiers, printers and toner cartridges recycled from 31 provinces and cities across the country, decomposed their shapes into 64 categories such as iron, aluminum, lens, glass and copper in three vertical directions, and transformed them into raw materials through recycling treatment for reuse as new resources

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