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Fuji Xerox leads the new trend of the next generation of color office

environmental protection is undoubtedly one of the most concerned keywords in the color office market in 2008. Office equipment manufacturers continue to launch environmental protection products, and users pay more attention to the concept of environmental protection when purchasing equipment. Energy conservation and emission reduction, green health and other environmental protection concepts have quietly become new elements leading the trend of the next generation of color office

the green trend of color office

the appeal of color office is changing people's work and life style. Color office equipment, such as color printers and color digital multifunctional machines, has gradually become the standard configuration for more and more enterprises. However, like other modern office equipment, color office also encountered common problems of office it: ozone, dust, noise, electromagnetic interference and other office syndrome

people spend more than 1/3 of their time in the office every day. The green and environmental protection of the office is of great significance to the whole social environment, energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises, and the health of employees. For a time, energy conservation and environmental protection have become another important standard for many consumers to purchase color machines in addition to product performance

at the same time, the government has also issued relevant policies and regulations to vigorously promote green office, which has become one of the direct driving forces of this green trend. At the end of 2006, the Ministry of Finance and the former State Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued the first batch of government procurement list of environmental labeling products to gradually promote the government green procurement system. Fuji Xerox and other office equipment manufacturers have been selected for consecutive years, becoming the main force of adhering to environmental protection in the color office market

manufacturers' positive trend of environmental protection

under the promotion of national policies, creating a healthy and energy-saving office environment has become a hot spot in the office market. In this case, mainstream color digital office equipment manufacturers have launched a series of environmental protection products, and products that save paper, electricity, low carbon dioxide emissions and low noise have become the focus of the market

taking Fuji Xerox, which has always advocated the concept of environmental protection design and has begun to conduct sampling inspection on the purchased filter cartridges, pressure tanks, pipe fittings and joints according to the above requirements, as an example, its latest LED technology color digital multifunction machine has applied the paper feeder made of lead-free shaft for the first time in the industry, that is, to minimize the lead-containing welding process in the welding process, so as to reduce the impact on the environment after equipment abandonment. At the same time, some parts use biochemical plastics based on corn, which can be reused. Compared with traditional plastics, this application effectively reduces carbon emissions by 16% in the production process. The environmental protection of consumables cannot be underestimated. By using Fuji Xerox ea-hg emulsion polymerized toner, the toner consumption of color machine is reduced by 37%, and the toner consumption rate is reduced by 68%

in the process of use, the carbon dioxide emission of Fuji Xerox's new generation color digital multifunction machine for annual sample preparation is reduced by about 217 kg compared with other similar products, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 15.64 trees a year. In addition, Fuji Xerox uses energy-saving controller and temperature control technology, which not only reduces the power consumption and noise level of the color machine, but also effectively controls its energy consumption in sleep mode

waste of paper has always been a major dead end of enterprise office costs that is difficult to control. Fuji Xerox and other major color office equipment manufacturers have successively developed the function of sending fax to mailbox, so as to help enterprises reduce paper consumption. It is worth mentioning that Fuji Xerox also developed functions such as non printing blank pages and integrated output of multi page documents, which effectively reduced the paper consumption of the color machine

in Japan, a country with almost stringent requirements for environmental protection, Fuji Xerox's color machine products have won energy-saving awards for 9 consecutive years. When the action plan for the development of new material industry in Hubei Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan) was officially issued by the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, its new LED technology color digital multifunction machine series won the environmental protection product award for its excellent environmental protection advantages in the prestigious fourth Japanese environmental protection product grand Prix. This is the first and only time that this award is awarded to it products. In addition, Fuji Xerox's contribution to the environment has also been recognized in China, and has won many certifications, such as China's environmental labeling products and China's energy-saving products

obviously, consumer demand, manufacturers' efforts and government promotion have formed a joint force, guiding a product concept and market concept, making energy conservation and environmental protection an essential design element for the next generation of color office equipment. Environmental protection is a common topic and demand of all mankind. We believe that through the benign interaction between some manufacturers and consumers, green office is no longer a gimmick in the mouth of manufacturers or a concept that consumers can't figure out, but a cause that integrates social and economic benefits

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