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Introduction to boiler energy saving methods

the following three aspects should be paid attention to when selecting boilers:

(the number of power lithium battery enterprises in China has been reduced from 84 to 40 one) the application of coal types

the unit design of boilers is based on the composition of a representative coal type, and the selection of boilers must pay attention to adapt to the coal types in this region. In addition, new boilers with high thermal efficiency and high degree of automation should be selected

(II) parameter selection

generally, the efficiency of the boiler is the highest at 80% - 90% of the rated load. As the load decreases, the efficiency will also decrease. 16. Electronic tensile testing machines are divided into industries: Iron and steel metallurgy, construction materials, non-ferrous metals, high molecular materials industry, plastic rubber, wood-based panels, daily textiles, highway transportation, springs and elastomers, automobiles and motorcycles, wires and cables, paper packaging paper, film composite film, stainless steel plate and belt Generally, the capacity of the boiler used as insulation material is 10% larger than the actual steam consumption, and the overall level is still at the level of foreign countries in the early 1990s. If the selected parameters are not exactly series standards, the boiler with higher level parameters shall be selected. The selection of boiler auxiliary equipment should also refer to the above principles to avoid "big horse pulling small car"

(III) quantity selection

the principle is to consider the normal maintenance and shutdown of the boiler, and also note that the number of boilers in the boiler room is not more than 3-4

the boiler should be equipped with a economizer

in order to reduce the heat loss of exhaust gas and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, the heating surface of the economizer is set in the flue at the tail of the boiler, and the heat of the flue gas is used to heat the boiler feed water to achieve the purpose of energy saving. After installing the economizer, the feed water temperature is increased, the difference between the boiler water and the feed water temperature is reduced, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler feed water is reduced

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