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Photoshop software interface operation skills introduction

you may know that pressing tab can hide the higher accuracy of the toolbox and the floating panel. Similarly, pressing shift+tab can hide only the floating panel (while the toolbar is visible)

hold down the shift key and click the title bar of the floating panel (the blue bar at the top) to make it adsorb to the nearest screen edge

double click each column on the floating panel (that is, the one marked with questions similar to the role of nails and needles and thread) to minimize it. Through the minimize button on the floating panel, you can switch between compact mode (with the least options and contents visible) and normal mode (with all options and contents on the display panel)

these carbon nanotubes can also ensure and improve the mechanical integrity of carbon fiber materials. You can press enter (or double-click the tool button on the toolbox) to open the option panel of the current tool. Otherwise, you can only use window raquo on the menu; Show options command to open

use the scale area (in the lower left corner of the Photoshop form or navigator panel) to quickly select an accurate display scale. Press shift+enter after entering a value to keep the cursor in the scale area

to change the display information of the status bar (at the bottom of the window, the default display file size can be opened through the window raquo; show status bar), press the button on the status bar to select a new item from the pop-up menu. Click the left area of the button on the status bar to display the print size of the current file, press and hold ALT to click to display the file size and resolution, and press and hold Ctrl to click to display collage information

tired of gray canvas background? Select the paint bucket tool [k] (paint bucket) hold shift and click the edge of the canvas to set the canvas bottom color as the current foreground color

note: to restore to the default color, set the foreground color to 25% gray (R192, g192, B192) and hold shift again to click the edge of the canvas

if the sample is not clamped correctly in Photoshop, the value will deviate. The Cancel button in some dialog boxes can be changed into the reset button by pressing and holding the ALT key. This allows you to easily return to the initial value without having to cancel and start over

the capslock key on the keyboard can control the cursor to switch between the precise state and the standard state

note: if Photoshop parameters [ctrl+k, ctrl+3] (file raquo; preferences raquo; display cursors...) The cursor has been set to the precise state in, and the capslock key does not work at this time

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