Introduction of ty130b bulldozer

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Introduction of Shantui ty130b bulldozer

at present, most bulldozers with power between 90 ~ 105 kW in China use mechanical transmission, and the technical performance of products is relatively backward. The successful development of Shantui ty130b bulldozer fills the gap of domestic low-power hydro mechanical drive bulldozer

The ty130b bulldozer (see the picture above) is a new product developed and designed by Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in recent years. The transmission system of the machine adopts modular design, which connects the transfer case, hydraulic torque converter and transmission into a whole, which is convenient for the transformation, maintenance and servicing of bulldozer components for various purposes; Many advanced patented technologies such as centralized pressure measurement, centralized lubrication and automatic tensioning of crawler have been applied. The machine is mainly used for scraping, stacking, leveling and compaction of various projects such as energy transportation, industry, construction, municipal engineering, farmland water conservancy, forestry, land development, etc

1 main technical parameters

rated power/speed of engine (kw/r/min) 95.5/1 900

track center distance (mm) 1880

track grounding length (mm) 2365

bulldozer capacity (M3) 3.7

maximum traction efficiency (%) 68.1

theoretical working efficiency (haul distance 20m) (m3/h) 276

grounding specific pressure (MPA) 0.064

blade lifting height (mm 930

blade cutting depth (mm) 590

drive and calculate the following tensile properties of the material: speed (km/because the steel factory buys goods with the mentality of buying up but not buying down)

forward third gear 0 ~ 3.2, 0 ~ 5.9, 0 ~ 9.8

backward third gear 0 ~ 3.9, 0 ~ 7.1, 0 ~ 11.9

bulldozer service mass (kg) 14000

overall size (length × wide × Height) (mm) 4685 × 3 185 × 2 950

2 main structure and performance characteristics

2.1 power unit

adopts Shangchai d6114zg4b six cylinder four stroke diesel engine, with rated power of 95.5 kW, rated speed of 1900 r/min, and maximum output torque of 674 n · m (1300 R/min). The engine has compact structure, high thermal efficiency, low specific fuel consumption and large torque reserve

2.2 transmission system

the diagram of transmission system is shown in Figure 1

2.2.1 shock absorber

shock absorber is composed of disc spring and torque spring (see Figure 2), and the spring bears the load transmitted by the friction plate immersed in oil. The vibration damper naturally absorbs vibration with the rotation of the engine to prevent the force overload of the universal joint, so as to protect the engine

2.2.2 hydraulic torque converter

yj355 single-stage single-phase three element hydraulic torque converter is adopted, with circulating circle diameter d = 355 mm, torque coefficient k0=2.38, and maximum efficiency η max=86.1%。 The hydraulic torque converter can make the output force of the bulldozer automatically adapt to the changes of external load, and ensure that the engine will not shut down when overloaded

2.2.3 transmission the production technology of a variety of polyurethane raw materials in China is advanced and the output is leading

the planetary gear power shift transmission is adopted, with three gears for forward and backward respectively, with five rows of friction plate clutches inside, and the speed switching is realized through the hydraulic control valve. The transmission has compact structure, stable shifting, no need to cut off the power, reduces the shift time and improves the work efficiency

2.2.4 central transmission and final transmission

the central transmission is a pair of spiral bevel gears, which divides the power into left and right parts. In July 2017, the power is transmitted to the final transmission through the left and right steering clutches. The steering clutch is a wet multi disc spring compression constant engagement structure, which is manually hydraulically separated and linked with the steering brake. The steering brake is a wet floating belt structure, and the foot brake is hydraulically assisted. The final drive is a two-stage spur gear reducer with large reduction ratio and strong bearing capacity

2.3 hydraulic system

hydraulic system is divided into variable speed torque converter hydraulic system, steering hydraulic system and working device hydraulic system. The variable-speed torque converter hydraulic system is composed of variable-speed pump, variable-speed valve, etc. it is used for the forward, backward and variable-speed shifting of the bulldozer, ensuring the smooth and labor-saving shifting of the bulldozer; The steering hydraulic system is composed of steering pump, steering brake valve, etc., which is used for the steering and braking of bulldozer, ensuring the flexibility and reliability of bulldozer steering and braking; The hydraulic system of working device is composed of working pump, control valve and hydraulic cylinder, which is used to lift, lower and maintain the working device of bulldozer, ensuring high operation efficiency

in order to facilitate the pressure detection of each hydraulic system, the machine adopts the centralized pressure measurement technology with independent intellectual property rights of our company, which concentrates the main pressure measurement points on the side of the front wing plate to facilitate the fault diagnosis of the vehicle

2.4 mechatronics, electronic monitoring and automatic alarm

the machine adopts advanced Siemens VDO intelligent display alarm system and electronic monitor. The driving signal and warning signal of each instrument are respectively transmitted by the sensor through the instrument MCU, and the transmission signal is fast and accurate. Figure 3 is the outline drawing of the electronic monitor

its main functions include instrument self-test, safe start indication, torque converter oil temperature monitoring, oil pressure monitoring, fuel volume display, battery capacity display, battery charging monitoring, air filter element monitoring, cooling water temperature monitoring, Chronograph, etc. The information collected by each sensor is transmitted to the driver in the form of text and sound through the instruments, indicator lights, buzzers, etc. on the instrument panel, so that the driver can timely understand the operating conditions of the vehicle, timely find and deal with bulldozer faults, and avoid major accidents

2.5 working device

ty130b bulldozer can be equipped with straight tilt shovel and angle shovel at the front end and scarifier at the rear end

ty130b bulldozer blade arc plate adopts special steel with high strength, wear resistance and impact resistance, which is specially ordered from the steel plant according to the technical requirements of Komatsu company in Japan; The blade, blade angle and blade are made of high alloy steel

2.6 control system

ty130b bulldozer adopts hydraulic pilot control, and the joystick is arranged on both sides of the driver, so that the driver can operate easily and conveniently

2.7 chassis

ty130b bulldozer chassis has the characteristics of small frame span, compact structure, small turning radius, convenient disassembly and assembly, and good vibration damping performance; The structural strength of the frame and bench frame can meet the needs of bulldozer operation under various harsh working conditions

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