Three suggestions for fresh milk packaging

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Three suggestions for fresh milk packaging

with the development of the national economy and the improvement of the lives of urban and rural residents, fresh milk has gradually become a favorite dairy product for urban and rural residents. According to the investigation of the industry and Commerce Bureau of Dingxiang County, Shanxi Province, there are more than a dozen fresh milk brands in the local dairy market, but they may not be able to achieve their desired brands. However, the packaging form of these dozens of fresh milk brands is almost like that of one person. According to the suggestions of consumers, fresh milk packaging should be improved in the following aspects

first, openings should be set. Looking at the fresh milk packaging on the market, it is basically all sealed. When drinking at home, you need scissors (3) sudden power failure: on; If you are drinking on the road or in the field, you have to bite and tear with your teeth. It belongs to Chaoyang industrial development, which is not only unhygienic, but also easy to hurt your teeth. Therefore, it is better to set an opening

secondly, children's clothing should be set up. It is understood that many farmers like to give their children fresh milk after weaning. But the fresh milk on the market has no children's clothes. Therefore, it is inconvenient for children to drink

again, highlight the "ID card". Judging from the situation in the dairy market, many fresh milk in the market are packed in cartons, and their production date and shelf life are "please see the inner packaging". When consumers buy, they can only see the production date and shelf life on the inner package by tearing off the carton tape. Repeated several times, the adhesive tape will lose its viscosity, which is really troublesome

nowadays, the competition in the dairy market is very fierce. Manufacturers and merchants will make an issue of gifts from time to time. Wouldn't it be better to use more brains in making it convenient for consumers to drink

source: China Food News

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