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Methanol prices in East China slightly sorted out

this week, the methanol market in East China was quite calm, and the prices continued to sort out slightly at the prices of last week. From May 9 to May 1, it is easy to use. On May 5, the market reference price is 2580-2600 yuan/ton, which is basically the same as last week

market characteristics this week

1 the methanol market lacks hot spots. At the current price, the buyer and the seller have reached a temporary balance

2 the price of methanol downstream products is relatively stable, which cannot stimulate the rise of methanol price

did you sort out the methanol price in Southeast Asia slightly? On May 12, the price per ton fluctuated slightly around $290, which was basically the same as last week

in the future, it is expected that the net spacing of 8 columns (mm) is 565. In the near future, the market price of methanol is above 2600 yuan/ton, which has strong pressure. With no large trading volume and some unique performance, it is expected that the market will still be dominated by consolidation next week

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