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Methanol to olefin technology has made new breakthroughs

the successful development of a new generation of dmto-ii industrialization technology

following the successful development of the world's first 10000 ton methanol to light olefin (DMTO) technology, a major breakthrough has been made in the new generation of dmto-ii industrialization technology, which is jointly developed by Shaanxi coal and chemical industry group, Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company. On May 19, this industrialized experimental technology passed the 72 hour on-site assessment in Hua county, Shaanxi Province. The expert group believes that the data meet the expected indicators, and the technology is advanced and feasible, so as to avoid loosening; It is suggested that industrialization should be popularized and applied as soon as possible

according to the relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Coal Chemical Technology Engineering Center Co., Ltd., the 50 ton/day dmto-ii technology industrialization test adopts the catalyst produced in industrialization, the methanol feeding is started on April 30, the methanol reaction by-product circulating conversion unit is fed on May 4, and the one-way conversion rate and ethylene and propylene selectivity reach the expected indicators on May 12. After hundreds of hours of continuous and stable operation, 72 hours of on-site assessment and calibration were carried out from May 16 to 19. The results showed that the methanol conversion rate was close to 100%. Compared with DMTO technology, various technical indicators such as ethylene and propylene selectivity, methanol unit consumption and catalyst consumption have been greatly improved, marking a new breakthrough in the development of a new generation of technology

the expert group entrusted by the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries has passed the on-site assessment and believes that all technical indicators are advanced and reliable, which is a further innovation on the basis of DMTO technology, and also a major progress in China's coal to olefin technology. It is of great strategic significance to give full play to the advantages of coal resources and develop China's new coal chemical industry of methanol to olefins

according to experts, low-carbon olefins are important basic organic chemical raw materials. The technology of producing low-carbon olefins from methanol is the only way to develop new coal chemical industry. It can not only reduce and alleviate the demand and dependence on oil and ensure national energy security, but also provide a practical new technological way for China to implement the oil substitution strategy. According to the assessment of experts, the data of the new generation dmto-ii industrialization technology has reached the expected indicators, and the pace of industrialization should be accelerated

it is understood that in August 2006, the world's first 10000 ton methanol to light olefins (DMTO) industrialization technology was successful and passed the national technical achievement appraisal in Beijing. 20 can be completed in 2007. 2. According to the application status of machinery and the application of oil, Kiri technology transfer Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. is officially industrialized. At present, the project is about to be completed and is planned to be put into trial operation within the year

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