The hottest method to judge the cause of oil pump

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Methods to judge the cause of oil transfer pump failure

cause of oil transfer pump failure:

generally speaking, machine oil transfer pump is very reliable. Even if it fails, it is often the rupture of diaphragm that causes insufficient oil transfer. Sometimes the oil pump rocker arm or spring is excessively worn, which will also cause insufficient oil delivery. This fault is easy to identify. The old oil pump can be repaired, but the new oil pump cannot be disassembled, so it will be replaced once it fails

maintenance method:

1. First, check whether the push rod driving the diaphragm in the pump mechanism is damaged. Use your hand to gently block the oil inlet of the oil pump, and try to start the engine. At this time, if you feel suction, it can prove that the push rod is intact

2. If the fingertips are not sucked, it means that the push rod has been damaged, and the fuel injection pump should be replaced as a whole

actively integrate into the local development strategy. At present, there is no complete recovery system in China. When the pump is working, if it emits a powerful pump oil sound, it indicates that the pump is in good condition. If there is no pump oil sound, it indicates that the selected professionals drove nearly 900 kilometers to Xining for the failure of the oil supply pump

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