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Brief comment on PP warehouse receipt in midday trading on August 1

crude oil futures prices fell on Thursday, shattering Bulls' hopes for a sustained rebound in oil prices, In terms of demand, the mixed rubber samples should be prepared according to the gb/t6 measurement range - the range between the minimum and maximum size of materials or components that can be measured by the testing machine through the measurement system 038 and the methods specified in the relevant rubber material standards. The concern continues to stimulate the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, putting pressure on the market. Today, the Sinochem PP warehouse receipts continue to adjust and fall slightly, opening low and opening high, and the rise in the morning is still there, However, the trading scene was deserted in the afternoon, and the disk sideways fluctuated flat until the end of the day, when the index closed at 1381.57. Pp0810, the main variety, opened low at 12900 yuan/ton, and the buyer's support rose in the early stage. In the afternoon, the market performance was depressed, and the early rise was annihilated, and the shock fell back to the end of the market, closing down at 12845 yuan/ton. The settlement price of pp0810 today is 12940 yuan/ton, which is 73 yuan/ton lower than that of the previous general tensile testing machine. Today, the market trading atmosphere is general, the trading volume has increased, and the order volume has remained stable

it is expected that the performance of China Plastics PP warehouse receipts next week is still not optimistic, and the shock drop is still the mainstream trend

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