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A brief review of polyester Market in Changyi raw material market in a week (9..22)

Business News Agency, September 22

this week, Changyi hydraulic universal testing machine is an important model among the best testing machines with the recommended material test load of about 70% - 90% of the range of the testing machine. The market situation is still weak, and the weak trend has not changed. As a calculation, according to the decline of the prices of various products, the market turnover continues to shrink, and the future situation is still not optimistic

the situation of chemical fiber market this week is almost the same as that of yarn market. It is also a relatively poor performance. The price has declined again, and the sales volume has not increased. The future market is still not optimistic. In Changyi market, the current central prices of 100D DTY, Luosi, POY porous and FDY are 14200 yuan/ton, 15500 yuan/ton, 12700 yuan/ton and 12700 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire, POY porous and FDY of 150D are 13500 yuan/ton, 14000 yuan/ton, 11900 yuan/ton and 12500 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire and FDY of 300D are 12700 yuan/ton, 12800 yuan/ton and 12400 yuan/ton respectively

the overall performance of Changyi market this week was relatively poor. Both the yarn Market and the chemical fiber market showed a weak downward trend. The price fell in China's plastic machinery market and trading volume, and the market popularity was insufficient. Recently, cotton prices have been falling. Affected by this, cotton yarn prices have also declined. However, due to the reduction of export volume, the downstream textile enterprises have a hard time, which directly affects the sales of midstream raw materials. Due to financial pressure, raw material manufacturers have to reduce prices to increase sales in order to reduce inventory, which makes the already depressed market even more bleak. In addition, after the Olympic Games, the prices of most products fell, which also made the already depressed textile industry worse. According to the analysis of merchants, the market is not optimistic for some time in the future, and the product price will fall

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