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The pilot of methanol vehicles in Shaanxi Province has entered the accelerated promotion stage

according to the report on October 7, the pilot of methanol vehicles in Shaanxi Province has entered the substantive accelerated promotion stage, and 200 taxis that rely entirely on methanol fuel for power will soon be put into operation in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Province will invest 200 methanol cars developed by Geely at that time, 100 of which have been officially put in place and are currently going through operation procedures. The overall goal of the methanol vehicle pilot project in Shaanxi Province is to complete the comprehensive evaluation of the applicability, reliability, economy and safety of high proportion methanol vehicles through the pilot operation in, so as to accumulate experience for the development of automobile industrialization of the methanol cement specific surface area test method gb8074 (87) in Shaanxi and even the whole country

Shaanxi Province is the second province in China to officially launch the methanol vehicle pilot after Shanxi Province. In August 2013, the methanol vehicle pilot was launched in Baoji City. At that time, 10 methanol minibuses and 5 methanol minivans developed and produced by Shaanxi Tongjia company were invested. Analysis reason:

methanol vehicles are vehicles with methanol as the main fuel. Methanol vehicles have been applied to varying degrees in more than 70 countries in the world. In recent years, methanol and dimethyl ether clean fuels have developed rapidly in some parts of China as emerging automotive internal combustion engine fuels. Sinochem news learned from the China Institute of chemical industry development that in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of China's methanol economic industry and deeply analyze the hot and difficult issues faced in the development, the "2014 China methanol and dimethyl ether clean fuel development conference" will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province on October, 2014

this meeting will introduce the development trend and promotion and application experience of China's methanol automobile industry, the application of the national standard M85 (M100) methanol fuel/gasoline flexible fuel mode, and some sensors are also equipped with analog multipliers; In this mode, "oil plus alcohol ether" (low proportion mixed combustion, M15) and oil upgrading (National V) are both effective paths to achieve the standard emission of motor vehicle exhaust, and other issues are discussed and solutions are sought

the China Academy of chemical industry development also revealed that at that time, it will also prepare to establish a series of collaborative innovation organizations, such as the Jin Ji Meng methanol and dimethyl ether clean fuel promotion alliance, the national standard m85/m100 methanol (gasoline) fuel technology and application alliance, the M15 national standard methanol gasoline promotion alliance, and the dimethyl ether clean fuel alliance

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