The hottest methanol price in Asia fell slightly,

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The price of methanol in Asia fell slightly, and the high inventory made the buying appetite weak.

last week, the spot price of methanol in Asia fell slightly, because the buying appetite was weak under the high inventory and sufficient supply, but participants said that the price was close to the bottom and was likely to rebound. China's domestic prices are weaker, which makes buyers' intentions depressed; But most suppliers are unwilling to cut prices. There were many negotiations between South Korea and Taiwan, but few transactions were concluded. It is reported that the difference between the sale and purchase is difficult to resolve. Brunei's newly launched methanol plant and additional products are also factors that increase the impact of the market

China: the price is estimated to be CFR China dollars/ton, reflecting the level of trading and negotiation. The operator said that the settlement price of a shipment delivered in April is reported to be $278/ton in CFR China, but this is the contract price between the buyer and the seller, and no other buyer can purchase products at this price. A supplier said that it had been negotiating the price between CFR China US dollars/ton to sell methanol shipments on Wednesday, but this transaction was unrealistic because the buyer's intended price was lower than CFR China US $280/ton. The trading price in April was reported to be $280/ton in CFR China on Friday, and this is considered to be the low-end price representing the mainstream price range. In China's domestic price, the price in East China weakened by RMB yuan/ton, and the warehouse price increase was RMB 2, 570 yuan/ton, while the warehouse price increase in South China fell by RMB yuan/ton to RMB 2, 480 yuan/ton. The high-end price of export prices is estimated to fall slightly by 5. BASF said that it was USD/ton, which followed the decline of domestic prices

Southeast Asia: due to high inventory and more buyers meeting the needs of the next few weeks, Southeast Asia transactions remain sluggish. Buyers leave the market because they expect prices to continue to fall or sellers are unwilling to face low prices. The supplier lowered the intended price to about CFR Southeast Asia dollars/ton, but even if the price is lower, there is little buying interest, because the intended price of the buyer is close to CFR Southeast Asia dollars/ton. CFR Southeast Asia price is estimated to fall by USD/ton, which is USD/ton, reflecting the bargaining level

India: the market in this region is quite quiet, as most buyers stayed on the sidelines last week. As the fiscal year ends this month, most participants only maintain the minimum inventory. The price was lowered to USD/ton (cfrw.c. India), reflecting the bargaining level. The purchase intention price is CFR Indian dollars/ton, while the sales intention price is CFR Indian dollars/ton, which is synchronized with the domestic price. The local price is generally stable at the ex warehouse price 13 INR 50/kg, excluding all kinds of experimental research machine refits for Aerospace Science and technology research and new technology demonstration and verification in kandra, including offset tariffs

South Korea: most of the search is through contracts, while the spot activity is almost stagnant. Part of the negotiation continues, but the differences between the transactions are difficult to eliminate, which leads to the lack of transactions. It is reported that the quotation for South Korea is CFR South Korea dollars/ton, but the seller said that the purchase intention price will not be higher than CFR South Korea 265 dollars/ton. The price of CFR Korea is estimated to be USD/ton, but most of them are intentional prices, and there is no deal

Taiwan: the situation in this region is the same as that in South Korea. It is reported that the buyer and the seller are in negotiations on the April shipment, but there are few transactions. The bid price is reported to be 260 US dollars/ton for CFR Taiwan, while the quotation for CFR Taiwan is US dollars/ton. It is reported that the transaction price of the shipment based on the contract arrived in April was C, which also caused the sample to slip during the experiment. Fr Taiwan was 290 US dollars/ton. European spot prices weakened this week, and the April trading price is reported to be 210 euros/ton FOB Rotterdam (US $283/ton); The quotation in April/May was 212 euros/ton (286 dollars/ton) FOB, and there was no bid. By comparison, the FOB Rotterdam price last week was EUR/ton (USD/ton). The US spot price was US cents/gallon (US dollars/ton) FOB US Gulf on Wednesday

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