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MetLife rewrites the life insurance sales model, and direct marketing has made profits for four consecutive years.

"our xpressn lux can replace expensive leather materials. Eight years ago, MetLife introduced life insurance direct marketing to China. Eight years later, direct marketing has become a new channel for major insurance companies Rio Tinto. However, in the past eight years, people have also criticized and praised direct marketing, which is no longer a strange" new mode "of marketing: someone said, Buy insurance at home, efficient; Some people say this way is very "disturbing"... Recently, it coincided with the second anniversary of the establishment of Dalian direct marketing of metropolitan life insurance, and interviewed the relevant person in charge of Metropolitan Life Insurance (Dalian) on some issues of direct marketing

the familiar "new mode" of marketing is different from the traditional insurance agent sales. Direct marketing has risen in the Dalian market for only two years, but it has become a new mode of rapid development in the field of insurance marketing. Because direct marketing requires simple insurance interests, no underwriting and easy interpretation of obligations, direct marketing has become a new force in the business competition of life insurance companies

"underwriting and underwriting are carried out through express delivery. Finally, the policy is delivered to the door through bank transfer. Only one part can solve all problems in the process of insurance marketing, saving both parties' time and cost." As one of the first to enter China's direct marketing field, MetLife has witnessed the rapid development of China's direct marketing in recent years

"neither sales staff nor customers need to go out of the office, which is undoubtedly one of the important reasons for the rapid popularity of direct marketing today." The relevant person in charge of direct marketing of Dalian Marketing Service Department of Metropolitan Life Insurance Liaoning Branch told that from the operating situation of Dalian market, at present, direct marketing is more easily accepted by some middle and high-end income groups. "Judging from the current market growth share, direct marketing will undoubtedly become one of the mainstream of the insurance sales industry." 1. Generally, the elongation at break of PE is 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low density polyethylene LLDPE is higher)

eight years of efforts to win public praise

although direct marketing has entered the channel of rapid development, on the other hand, many people believe that direct marketing is a "disturbing" behavior. "On the one hand, it is because many insurance companies have problems such as inadequate control, excessive sales, misleading sales, harassment, and disclosure of personal information, which have caused a relatively concentrated number of customer complaints. But at the same time, as a new thing, people have to have a process to accept it, and so does direct marketing." Xuzhenbo, general manager of the Liaoning Branch of MetLife, told me

as Xu Zhenbo said, although MetLife direct marketing has also gone through a period of exploration when it first entered China, the goal of extreme pressure resistance must be different. However, after eight years of word-of-mouth operation, direct marketing of MetLife has been recognized by more and more people. At present, its production capacity is several times that of traditional marketing channels, and has achieved direct marketing profits for four consecutive years

"with the rich experience of American metropolis in global telemarketing, Dalian direct marketing of MetLife has become one of the leaders in Dalian life insurance telemarketing market." Xu Zhenbo told that because of the obvious advantages of direct marketing products of MetLife and the professional service of direct marketing business personnel, not only customers' reputation for direct marketing of MetLife is getting higher and higher, but many peers in the industry are also learning from the successful mode of direct marketing of MetLife

gather talents to seek common development

in the two years since the direct marketing of metropolitan life entered Dalian, the business performance of Dalian has always been moving forward with the posture of an industry leader: from the initial 20 seats to the current size of more than 80 seats; From hundreds of thousands of platforms per month to more than one million platforms; From the original income of one or two thousand yuan per capita to an average monthly salary of more than 4000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan... MetLife direct marketing has achieved a leap forward development step by step

"the achievements we have made now are obvious to all, but how to achieve sustainable development in the future depends on the accumulation of talents." The relevant person in charge of direct marketing of Dalian Marketing Service Department of Metropolitan Life Insurance Liaoning Branch told that at present, most of the commissioners of Metropolitan Life Insurance Center are post-80s and post-90s "career freshmen". "Over the past two years, we have attracted and trained a large number of direct effect marketing and wealth management specialists. We not only provide employees with quite generous salary and full protection of five insurances and one fund, but also provide them with broad development space. Now, direct effect's proprietary high-performance polymer 3D printing material windform XT 2.0 material has passed the screening outgassing test of the European Space Agency (ESA) Marketing personnel are no longer simple business personnel, but new favorites in the workplace who need to constantly improve their personal quality. Now every member of the center is the pride of MetLife. " New business daily

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