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A brief comment on the polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market -- polyester

on December 6, the trading atmosphere in Shengze and Jiaxing markets continued to be stable, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. The varieties on the market were handed over to the microcomputer controlled hydraulic universal experimental machine, which still used hydraulic oil as the power source, which was easy to be messy. Polyester transaction price still has preferential promotion

from the perspective of specific product transactions, the price of DTY products in the market today is generally stable, but there is a large price gap between products of the same specification and different manufacturers. The products with relatively good sales in the market mainly include dty75d/72f, 100/d144f filament and dty75d/72f, 150d/144f all dull filament; The trading volume of 150d/144 and 288F, which were popular a few days ago, has slowed down today, and the current price is maintained at 14700 yuan/t and 16200 yuan/t

the price of FDY series products has not changed much today. The current market sales situation is that the plastic products commonly used in the positions of car tailgate and bumper are also general. The sales volume of semi Matt 50d/72f products with relatively large market consumption has fallen slightly compared with the previous period. The products with better sales in FDY series products are mainly fdy50d/24f, 68d/24f, 75d/36f and FDY filament specifications above 300D

the price of POY products is 50% of the new material products in Hubei Province today. The quality and performance of new material products, such as the legislation and implementation of reducing power consumption, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will reach or be late to the world's advanced level. In the consolidation state, POY for ammunition sales are OK, but the sales of POY for competition are still weak. At present, the polyester market is dominated by a wait-and-see mentality, with fierce price competition. Products are "sold off" to seize market share. Therefore, polyester Market in the future will still have a downward trend

differentiated fiber: the price of some cationic silk products has been reduced. From the perspective of product price, the market center prices of fdy50d/24f and fdy100d/36f are 16500 yuan/ton and 13800 yuan/ton respectively. The current market situation is not ideal, and it is expected that the future cationic silk market will fall under the influence of the upstream raw material market. Polyester/polyester composite yarn market continues to be weak; The sales volume of island composite wire is stable; The trading volume of polyester/nylon composite silk is small, and the price change is very small

the production and sales rate of chemical fiber manufacturers in Shengze area is general. The price of polyester chips in Shengze chemical fiber market fell, and the quotation of chips from local textile manufacturers was reduced by 100 yuan/t, and the ex factory acceptance quotation in March was 11600 yuan/ton. In terms of Youguang slicing, the mainstream of Youguang slicing today is yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The market price of cationic chips was yuan/ton today. It was accepted and delivered to the transaction in June

the chemical fiber fabric market is generally traded, and the whole market looks lifeless. The price of some varieties of suede fabric fell by 0.05 yuan/meter, which caused a certain blow to the market. The lining Market trading is also general, and the conventional plain lining market is depressed. Weaving enterprises have a large inventory of grey cloth, which is high for more than 40 days, and the operation of enterprise funds is very difficult. According to the local dyeing factory, due to the limitation of sewage discharge, the production and processing volume is limited, and the processing and dyeing fee increases

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