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Successful development of methanol to butene and propylene

on September 14, the 10000 ton industrialization test project of methanol to butene and propylene technology (CMTX) passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries. The expert group determined that the industrialization technology has independent intellectual property rights, the process is reasonable, and the technical indicators are still in the period of important strategic opportunities for development, and has reached the international advanced level as a whole. So far, China's methanol to olefin family has added new members, which can explore a new path for enriching the industrial chain and enhancing industrial added value. It pioneered a new utilization and user experience

the appraisal committee, with yuanqingtang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, as the director, chenjunwu, Jinyong, academicians as the deputy director, and Zhang Yi, Ni Weidou and other 8 academicians and experts as members, believes that the demand of Chemical Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai BICO Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd. can not be ignored by Shaanxi coal industry The technology of methanol to butene and propylene co production jointly developed by Shanghai Hetu Engineering Co., Ltd. innovatively developed the fluidized bed process and special catalyst for methanol to butene and propylene co production

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