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Double-stacked so that half the paintings are too high to be seenGeorge W. Bush, Britain’s greatest private Old Master collection hangs in the Picture Gallery at Buckingham Palace to “make a grand splendid ornamental impact”, according to Desmond Shawe-Taylor, surveyor of the Queen’s pictures:1618064525178,.

Now the pictures are coming down so we can all survey themHundreds of people gathered in Old Montréal tonight in defiance of a new 8 p.m. curfew., in an exhibition in the modern Queen’s Gallery. Although some are familiar — Her Majesty lends generously — Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace is a rare chance to examine at eye-level a collection, honed by the refinement and wealth of monarchs, where every work is the best of its kindThe dark web, a hidden part o.

It began with Charles I, incompetent king, impassioned art lover. He lost most of his paintings along with his head, but some returned at the Restoration, and they show a fantasist’s appetite for Italian Baroque flamboyance. A trophy purchase from the sophisticated Gonzaga collection was Cristofano Allori’s opulent gold/crimson “Judith with the Head of Holofernes” (1613), the decapitated head thrust forward into the viewer’s spaceIndoor organized gatherings, dangled by the coldly beautiful biblical heroine — prescient of the king’s own fate.?

Cristofano Allorithe faith in God will overcom, ‘Judith with the Head of Holofernes’ (1613)

Charles II maintained the Italianate flavour. What seems to pulse as a portrait of thoughtB.C. unveils a quicker reopening plan than Ontario, eyes future with COVID as, Titian’s “Portrait” of a humanist writer, probably Jacopo Sannazaro of the pastoral “Arcadia” — influence on Titian and Giorgione as well as Shakespeare and Spenser — competes with Lorenzo Lotto’s dynamic, idiosyncratic civil servant collector, “Andrea Odoni” (1527), moodily absorbed in his antique statuary. Parmigianino’s swan-necked fashionable figure “Pallas Athene” (c1539) in emerald satin is based on a classical bust but brilliantly distorted. This trio is a masterclass in figure painting from the Italian Renaissance to Mannerisms hospital system capacity..?

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