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What are the intellectual property stories in the circle to tell?

Abstract: many of our familiar patent disputes come from this, so let's take a look today at what are the stories in the circle to tell about intellectual property

26 is the 17th World Intellectual Property Day. For such a small "Festival", there may not be many people who pay attention to it. However, when you think about it carefully, you may also find that the keywords such as intellectual property and patent have not only appeared on the World Intellectual Property Day, but also have a higher and higher appearance rate

the circle may play a key role in this. Many familiar patent disputes come from this industry. 1 It is estimated whether the inner cavity of the stainless steel wire eye is smooth. So today, let's see what stories the circle can tell about intellectual property


the manufacturer that makes the most profits from patents. When it comes to the patent issue of mobile devices, Qualcomm must be a barrier that all manufacturers can't overcome. Although Qualcomm apparently sells chips, the large number of communication patents it holds are the main source of revenue. According to statistics, Qualcomm's annual fees relying on patent licensing account for more than 30% of its annual revenue, and its fee standard has always been controversial, Many people in the industry say that Qualcomm's patent fees account for 65% of the selling price, which also misleads some friends

Of course, it is impossible for Qualcomm to pay a tax of

65%. In fact, Qualcomm's patent fees charge about 3% to 5% in different ways, and this 3% to 5% is charged on the basis of 65% of the price of the complete machine. This means that manufacturers also need to pay taxes to Qualcomm for their costs in other fields. This is also the reason why many manufacturers and Qualcomm are trying to replace the traditional composite structural parts assembled from multiple aluminum alloy parts. The annual tax paid is too high

for apple, which has recently filed a lawsuit with Qualcomm in the U.S. market, if the patent fee is 5% and the price is 65%, apple shipped 210million iPhones in 2016, with sales of $155billion, and the patent fee to Qualcomm is as high as $1550 × 65% × 5% ≈ 5billion US dollars. And this is calculated on the basis of 65% of the selling price. In many cases, Qualcomm charged 100% of the selling price. Before China was fined 6billion yuan by the national development and Reform Commission for monopoly, Qualcomm always charged 100% of the selling price. No wonder Apple quit and began to cooperate with Intel in a small amount

in fact, we also know that in addition to apple, a giant that can break the wrist with Qualcomm, Meizu and other hard bones have also fought many lawsuits with Qualcomm over patent fees, and the two did not settle until the end of 2016

he is indispensable in patent disputes everywhere - Meizu

and when it comes to Meizu, there are many interesting intellectual property stories related to Meizu. In addition to mutual harm with Qualcomm, Meizu and Nubia have also been fighting over a small circle patent. Although Meizu used the small circle design on the MX2 as early as possible, it was later cancelled under the pressure of Nubia. It turns out that although Meizu used it early, However, ZTE had filed relevant patents as early as 2007. In the end, Meizu had no choice but to lose money and give up this classic design

looking back for a period of time, Huang Zhang and Lei Jun's love and hatred are also closely related to the patent dispute. Huang Zhang once said frankly that Lei Jun used to obtain many confidential contents of Meizu as an angel investor, including development process, supplier selection, production, sales, company plan and even financial statements. However, he turned around and created MIUI and Xiaomi himself, This also makes the two people who once had a good relationship look like strangers until now

apple, the manufacturer who likes to play the patent war most, is not a white lotus. The recent conflict with Qualcomm is also the result of each manufacturer speaking for their own interests. As an absolute giant in the industry, Apple has threatened many manufacturers with a patent stick before, and Samsung is the one who has been hurt the most by apple

in those years, just because the Galaxy series was too similar to the iPhone, the two companies sued all the way from the United States to Europe and even spread to the domestic market. Moreover, the long-lasting patent litigation was not just to ask for billions of dollars in compensation. In some markets, apple even successfully banned the sale of Samsung Galaxy s. During this period, there were also interesting stories that Samsung lawyers could not answer when lawyers held iPads and Galaxy tabs to tell them apart

since then, the two companies have sued each other countless times about the ownership of patents such as sliding unlocking and voice recognition. Fortunately, in recent years, both sides seem to have ceased to invest too much energy in patent issues

in the past, patents were weapons, but now patents have become muscles and shields.

in fact, many patent disputes still want to seize the market by means of "patent war", and there are even many patent wars like apple and SamSung that aim to "kill" each other. However, we can see that at a time when intelligence is becoming more and more mature, although there are many patent disputes, patent wars have become increasingly rare. It may also be because we have reached a consensus. In many cases, the investment in patent wars can not achieve the expected effect of attacking opponents. Instead, we might as well sit down and talk about patent fees or cooperation

therefore, we can also see that although people continue to emphasize the importance of patents, patents have become a tool to show their muscles. The more patents they own, the stronger their R & D ability. After all, the products with "proprietary intellectual property rights" are the most popular among Chinese people. In addition, compared with the previous use of patents to attack competitors, the patents applied by manufacturers are more for self-defense to prevent manufacturers from attacking themselves with their used designs and technologies in the future

after so many years of torturing each other, in fact, in the aspect of intellectual property, manufacturers are old-fashioned. With their publicity and drive, ordinary consumers pay more and more attention to intellectual property. In this way, we really have to thank the manufacturers for their contributions on Intellectual Property Day

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