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What are the cleaning methods for home decoration glass

we often use glass as decorations in our home life, and these glasses often trouble people in our life. For example, the inevitable dust and the occasional stains will make the glass in our home no longer transparent and clean. So how can we take effective measures to solve the various stains and dust encountered in our daily home? Next, let's introduce some ways to clean home decoration glass

methods for cleaning and maintaining artistic glass

in modern fashion homes, the shadow of artistic glass can be found more or less. Some are artistic glass background walls, and some are artistic glass partition outlets at the other end of the room; Sesame rain rdquo; Some of them are art glass sliding doors. Art glass occupies a large share of the home decoration market with its changeable craftsmanship

among the commonly used art glass background walls, the relief type accounts for a considerable part, whether it is the lobby or the family background wall. Art glass has strong three-dimensional and color sense together, occupying a large display space. The verification results show that. With the passage of time, the relief art glass will more or less fall some dust. When cleaning, we must pay attention not to wipe with wet cloth. Water has a certain corrosive effect on the paint on the surface of relief art glass. If water exists in the depression of glass for a long time, the paint layer will fall off for a long time

if there are stains on the surface of art glass, be careful not to use alcohol or thinner cleaning solution. Because alcohol and thinner will also have a corrosive effect on the paint attached to the surface of art glass, which will cause discoloration and fading

art glass sliding door will feel uncomfortable after long-term use. This is due to the long-term pressure that causes the caster support to sink and rub with the bottom slide rail. Do not disassemble or impact violently. Please find a professional to adjust or replace the casters

methods for cleaning and maintaining insulating glass

the basic manufacturing process of insulating glass consists of glass cleaning, filling molecular sieve, coating butyl sealant, laminating, coating the second sealant, etc. Each link is related to the selection of materials, the proficiency of operators and the processing quality

1. Glass cleaning

cleaning glass is the leading link in the production of insulating glass and one of the most important links to ensure the sealing of insulating glass. If the oil stagnation and sweat on the glass cannot be thoroughly cleaned, the adhesion of the sealant to the glass will be greatly weakened, thereby reducing the sealing effect of the insulating glass. It should be emphasized that the conditions we consider in selecting desiccant, sealant and spacer are based on the cleaning of glass, while the sealing of insulating glass is transferred to a considerable extent based on whether the glass is clean, and the cleaning of glass is the main measurement standard of appearance quality. But in practice, people often do not pay enough attention to the cleaning of glass, which must be corrected

2. Selection of desiccant

desiccant has three main functions: adsorbing the moisture sealed in the air; Adsorption of volatile organic solvents and water vapor absorbed into the air layer during the service life of insulating glass. The purpose is to keep the insulating glass with qualified initial dew point. Therefore, the condition for selecting appropriate desiccant is that the three functions of desiccant must be met at the same time

if the desiccant has poor adsorption capacity and cannot effectively adsorb the moisture that diffuses into the air layer, it will lead to the accumulation of moisture in the air layer, the increase of moisture pressure and the rise of dew point of insulating glass, so there is a great possibility of atomization. In addition, when selecting desiccants, their respective properties must be comprehensively considered. The selection of desiccants is directly related to the type of insulating glass adhesive selected, The failure of edge sealing of the insulating glass must be considered together, which means that the window has lost its due function. Not only does the design energy-saving performance of the window fail to reach, but also consumers can not see the outside through the fogged air layer, which affects the perspective of the insulating glass and reduces the heat insulation effect. Long time fogging will cause mildew or alkali precipitation on the inner surface of the glass, resulting in white spots, which will seriously affect the appearance quality of the insulating glass

it can be seen that selecting high-quality insulating glass sealant is the first and key to prevent insulating glass from atomization. The selected sealant for insulating glass shall meet the requirements of national or industrial standards, and the leading and second sealant for double-layer insulating glass shall be suitable, and shall not be mutually soluble or reactive, otherwise tourists may cause glass surface pollution or even aging

3. Coating - laminating - gluing of double-layer insulating glass

laminating is the middle ring of making double-layer insulating glass, and the coating of butyl glue before the lamination determines the comprehensive quality of insulating glass. Therefore, the production process shall be strictly controlled during the production, and the phenomenon of missing coating, glue breaking and negligence of sealing shall be eliminated. The hidden danger of air leakage shall not be allowed. The sealed leading pipe shall be well sealed. When the second layer of sealant is applied after the sheet is assembled, the reasonable proportion shall be carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations to make the two components fully mixed and accurately coated, so as to avoid the phenomenon of insufficient glue and multi glue, and successfully complete the last process of double layer insulating glass production. If there is a gap between the two sealants, it will cause air leakage. At the same time, attention should be paid to the application of the second sealant that is too thin. After installation and use for a period of time, the sealant will form cracks (even if there are very small cracks), and the water vapor may slowly enter the adhesive layer, form atomization, lose its tightness, and lose its sealing effect

The double-layer insulating glass made of

needs a storage period of about one week, so that the double-layer insulating glass sealant has sufficient time for chemical bonding to achieve the best sealing state. If the storage period is too short and the sealant does not have sufficient time to bond, the sealing effect of the sealant will be greatly reduced after handling, vibration, sun exposure, especially rain, and in serious cases, atomization will occur within a short time

4. Cleaning method of insulating glass interlayer

1. Open type, according to the cleaning method of general glass

2. Closed double-layer glass generally does not need to be cleaned inside. If the inside is very dirty, it must be caused by cutting corners when installing. The only thing to do is to replace the sensor; In this case, the glass can only be removed, the inward side cleaned, and then reinstalled

note: 1. Do not cause secondary pollution during installation. 2. The edge of the glass shall be firmly inlaid with sealing materials (such as putty, sealant, rubber sealing ring, etc. for paint)

methods for cleaning and maintaining frosted glass

you can use alcohol or toilet water to clean the oil stains, and then rinse with clean water. No matter what kind of glass you are, as long as the latex paint (water-based paint or not)/wood paint/oil stains are accidentally stained on these glasses in the decoration, manual scrubbing and soaking will be limitless, which will accelerate the damage to the glass to a greater extent. If it is sandblasting glass, it will wipe away the layer of quartz sand or the patterns on it, which will be more ugly. Since you want to do everything possible to remove the part that can be removed, but the place that has been eroded by paint/oil will always leave the regret of that mark. The only way to remove and restore the original state is to improve the clinical symptoms. The only way is to remove the glass and move it to a glass shop that can do sanding or sandblasting, and then process it again

the above are the cleaning methods for various home decoration glass introduced to you this time. Mastering these methods can help you avoid some dust and stains in your daily life, and restore the original home decoration glass to its previous clean appearance. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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