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Why is the service market still chicken ribs when the plant protection UAV market has completely exploded

at present, the sales volume of UAV manufacturers has increased significantly than before. At the same time, the growth rate of large factories is far greater than that of small factories for many college students who are about to enter the society. Due to technical reasons and high assembly costs, small enterprises are living more and more difficult, and the pressure to be eliminated is increasing. The plant protection market is beginning to gather towards the head, and the Matthew effect is intensifying

it is not difficult for us to see that the competition in the sales market of plant protection UAVs this year is becoming more and more fierce, and users' brand awareness is also increasingly inclined to several good enterprises

facing the outbreak of the plant protection UAV sales market this year, it is a good thing for the majority of practitioners. The government, industry and capital provide a broad exchange platform to increase sales, which in turn stimulates the upstream supply chain, and the competition in the supply chain is also intensifying. On the whole, the production and manufacturing costs of plant protection UAVs have been greatly reduced due to the expansion of sales scale this year, It is expected that the plant protection machine will usher in a new round of price war or price reduction tide in the second half of the year

however, in the face of the hot plant protection machine sales market, the plant protection service market is still unable to solve the problem of profitability. Most of the plant protection service providers or plant protection teams are not profitable and difficult to make profits, which can ensure the safety of operators; The plant protection service market is still like chicken ribs, tasteless to eat and regrettable to discard

plant protection service providers who have land in their hands and don't panic in their operations

facing this year's plant protection service market, compared with previous plant protection service providers, this year's plant protection service providers first ensure that they have land in their hands before they start recruiting and purchasing aircraft, and then organize teams to buy aircraft to start doing it. It is mainly localized services, which is no longer guerrilla operations like some previous plant protection service providers

there is land in hand and the operation is not panic. This is the portrayal of plant protection service providers this year. With the attention of local governments to the plant protection operation of plant protection machines, more or less local plant protection service providers get a large area of agricultural land with good service prices through the promotion of the government from top to bottom. In addition, the technology of plant protection machines this year is more mature than in the past, and the costs of machine blasting and maintenance are lower. Plant protection service providers make money

however, due to the large scale of plant protection service providers and the pursuit of profit and efficiency in the initial stage, there may be some problems in the management standard of flying hand. Flying hand is only responsible for itself, not plant protection. Flying hand focuses on how much land I can play today and how much commission I can earn, which eventually leads to excessive pursuit of efficiency and neglect of quality in plant protection operations

when purchasing aircraft, our plant protection service providers will consider various functions of the aircraft. The more functions, the better. But at present, almost semi autonomous operation accounts for the majority, especially in the southern plant protection market. In most cases, it is manual operation or AB point semi autonomous operation, and there are few full self-service operations, except for the service providers who buy Jifei aircraft

for the older fliers or veterans under the plant protection service providers, they prefer to fly by hand, because it is faster, flying at the speed of 7-8m/s, which is 0.5-1 times faster than the normal operation. The corresponding operation has more Mu and more money, so the plant protection service providers are happy, and fliers are also happy

who is left unhappy - farmers

most plant protection service providers earn fast money. Under the catalysis of flying hand, the quality of plant protection service is low, which leads to the worse and worse market behind them, which not only hurts the market itself, but also sacrifices its own development

finally, some plant protection service providers that only do plant protection services developed from making money to not making money, and then to losing money, and the plant protection service market was made into chicken ribs

in the plant protection service market, the plant protection service providers operating on a large scale have a huge volume, but they are fragile, their anti risk ability is poor, and their reputation is further promoted

the plant protection team without land in hand and frantically looking for land

compared with the plant protection service provider, the plant protection team looks fragile, but its elasticity is larger than that of the plant protection service provider. The profit and reputation of the plant protection service provider lies in the following specific implementation of the flying hand, which is easy to have contradictions with the plant protection service provider, making the universal tensile testing machine have stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range Long service life; The auto parts testing machine adopts microcomputer to automatically control both sides of the experimental process. If the service provider wants to pursue profit and operation quality, it must be neutralized, but as long as the following flying hand is profit, even if you take the system to restrict, there are many problems. Therefore, the result is often to maximize interests, minimize public praise, and plant protection service providers stand on the opposite side of users. The result can be imagined

but this problem does not exist in the plant protection team. The professional plant protection team has less land, but it is more cautious in its local operation. In the face of hard won land, its plant protection operation is cautious, for fear of making a mistake, which will affect its local reputation. Therefore, in the process of plant protection service, the appeal of the plant protection team for reputation and operation quality is much higher than its appeal for more mu of operation that day

the quality of plant protection of the plant protection team is good, but most of them will be fishing for three days and drying for two days. The work can't be full. It can be exciting to get a list of hundreds of acres of work for a long time. Generally, it depends on fishing and luck. Even if they get a big order, they don't dare to take it, for fear that they can't finish it or do it well

seeing the pain points of plant protection service teams, some flight defense alliances and third-party service platforms began to appear in China. In view of these pain points, flight defense alliances or third-party platforms played the role of matchmakers, connecting large-area operations with scattered plant protection teams, and solving this pain point of plant protection teams

but this is far from enough. It can only solve some of the old pain points. New pain points also appear, and the platform service support is even worse. The light capitalization of the platform leads to many problems in the follow-up plant protection service process, and the experience of the plant protection team is poor

plant protection teams are very important in the current plant protection service market. They are the maintainers and builders of public praise. Without them, the education of plant protection service market will be postponed a lot, and farmers' acceptance will become slower. However, plant protection services in plant protection teams are also like chicken ribs, which is a pity to abandon, but the food is tasteless


in the face of the current chicken like plant protection service market, all parties are trying to actively solve these problems. I think these problems will be solved one by one with the promotion of time and market. In the future, the service mode will never be a single service mode. For example, now more and more people are combined with order agriculture, embedded into it, and become a link, not a main one. In this way, the ability to resist risks is increased, and the profit model is more sustainable

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