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Plant and plastic waste combined with variable building materials

Italy's emerging "plastic creation" company combines chemical technology with the technology of recycling all kinds of waste plastics and agave bagasse to produce wood like materials with greater resistance, which can be used as templates in the construction industry or for manufacturing benches, tables and chairs. 3.1 the lifting control deviation of the lifting mechanism should be 0 ~ 25mm

according to the report of the physicist organization, this new technology not only simulates the physical characteristics of wood, but also reduces the cost and recovers organic and inorganic wastes. The new report of Alberto research and markets, one of the partners of this company, said that the material contains 10% - 35% tequila fiber, and the rest is made of recycled plastic, and the fiber is the matrix of this building material

this project has been going on for a year. In recent months, the company has successfully produced composite materials from waste plastics and agave bagasse. It is said that when processing 100 kg of Agave, the clamping device should not be completely locked. The machine needs to operate for about 36 hours, and then it can be loaded at the required rate to convert a ton of particles into fibers or raw materials for recycled plastics in a day

although this company produces tequila in its region, it is very difficult to obtain tequila bagasse because many companies use it as the fuel of boilers. As a result, the company had to sign agreements with two tequila companies to obtain their plant waste

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