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Since the executive meeting of the State Council approved the formal project of major science and technology projects for the development of large aircraft in principle last February, the large aircraft project company, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, has been established. In more than a year, what has been prepared for, what has been broken through, and what thresholds are still to be crossed for the "large aircraft" project, which Chinese people are full of expectations

three suspense points and disputes

■ background

some experts in the aviation industry learned that in the past period of time, there have been disputes in the industry on how to develop large aircraft, mainly the disputes between trunk lines and branches, South and North, autonomy and cooperation

"struggle between main line and branch" refers to whether to directly start the trunk line large aircraft project or to transition from regional aircraft to large aircraft. The new company, established on the 11th, will include three units involved in the ARJ21 project of China's new regional jet as a whole. The new company said that bringing the branch line into the trunk line can coordinate and coordinate the assets between the two projects, 1. Talents after the fracture of the sample and other resources, so as to avoid repeated construction

"North South dispute", also known as "East West dispute", refers to whether the "Golden Phoenix" of the large aircraft project stops in Shanghai or Shaanxi and Sichuan. The new company, established on the 11th, has its headquarters in Shanghai for R & D, final assembly manufacturing and customer service, while the resource allocation in the aircraft development process is oriented to all regions and even the world

"the dispute between autonomy and cooperation" refers to whether the technology source of developing large aircraft is through independent research and development or global cooperation. In response, Jin Zhuanglong, general manager of COMAC, said that on the one hand, the new company will take independent innovation as the main body and actively promote technological breakthroughs; On the other hand, it also hopes to convey a signal - "China's development of large aircraft is open, and the door is always open to foreign counterparts to participate in cooperation. China hopes to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through international civil aviation cooperation"

key technologies begin to tackle difficulties

■ technology

in the past year, some key technologies related to the development of large aircraft have made breakthroughs in succession

in April 2007, the key heavy equipment supporting the development of domestic large aircraft and the world's largest tonnage die forging hydraulic press project was launched in Xi'an and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010

a breakthrough was made in the low-speed aerodynamic research of large aircraft in August 2007. This technology, called "turbine fan power simulator test", is one of the more difficult test technologies in the field of low-speed Aerodynamics Research in China, and is a ground simulation test technology urgently needed to be overcome in the development of large aircraft. After the United States and the European Union, China is the third country in the world to master this experimental technology

In April, 2008, Baosteel Group announced that it had successfully developed steel for landing gear and titanium alloy structural steel for large aircraft. At present, the "300m ultra-high strength" steel for large aircraft landing gear and the four major brands of titanium alloy structural steel have been successfully developed, and the research and development of special steel for engines related to large aircraft projects have also been carried out in an all-round way

at present, only the United States, the European Union and Russia are capable of manufacturing large aircraft in the world

Zhang Qingwei, chairman of COMAC, said frankly, "the new company has a relatively weak technical foundation, insufficient R & D capabilities, and a relatively scarce talent team. It has not yet formed a perfect marketing and customer service system. Compared with world-renowned aviation enterprises, we know that there is still a considerable gap."

the first threshold: talent shortage

"talent shortage is the biggest barrier." This is what Jin Zhuanglong, general manager of COMAC, and Luo Ronghuai, general manager of ARJ21 project company, the new deputy general manager of large aircraft company, said in an exclusive interview. It is understood that the total number of all technical talents of Xi'an headquarters and Shanghai Branch of China's largest first aircraft design and Research Institute is only more than 1000, and according to the R & D scale of Airbus A380, at least 5000 R & D teams are required

Jin Zhuanglong said that after the establishment of the new company, it will strive to attract and gather civil aviation talents. There are three ways: first, make full use of Shanghai's advantages and the attraction of major national projects to select a group of talents in the domestic aviation system; Second, fully recruit and absorb domestic college graduates for on-the-job training, and at the same time, some will be selected for training abroad; Third, open the door to welcome international talents

the second threshold: the reserve of key technologies of civil aircraft is small.

the evaluation data of China's aircraft development ability by the first aircraft design and Research Institute and other units at the beginning of this century shows that the gap between China's aircraft design level and the international level is about 20 years. In terms of composite materials, supersonic cruise technology, nozzle vectoring technology, high thrust weight ratio technology and unmanned driving, the characteristics of this cold and hot impact testing machine include: the equipment area is in the high-temperature area, sample breakpoints are easy to drive control technology, etc., there is an overall gap, the comprehensive design ability is also low, the design practice experience is insufficient, the design specifications are backward, and the numerical control efficiency is only one eighth of that of Boeing. These key technologies cannot be bought with money, so we must step up research and development

the third threshold: the development of large aircraft is still lack of legislative guarantee

large aircraft project time "We also use this advantage for metering devices and resin pouring. The span is long and the capital investment is large. If there is no long-term and stable policy support, there may be variables, and if there is no sound supervision mechanism, there may be hidden dangers in the project. A group of experts represented by Zhang Yanzhong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former general manager of AVIC II, advocated to start supporting work at the same time and ensure the large aircraft project through legislation. Some experts believe that in At the initial stage of the large aircraft project, industrial policies and management regulations can be issued first, highlighting the two key points of "system guarantee" and "stimulating vitality". After several years of improvement, the project will gradually become law when it tends to be stable

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