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Plant protection UAVs help Xiangyin County pesticide "zero growth" action

support new material enterprises to improve their quality online monitoring, online control and product life cycle quality traceability capabilities. In recent days, fourorfive UAVs appeared over the farmland in Xincun village, helonghu Town, Xiangyin County, attracting curious people to stop and watch. It is understood that this is the technician of Hongyun agricultural machinery service professional cooperative in the county, who is using drones to spray biological pest control agents on more than 200 mu of rice fields. With the low roar generated by the high-speed operation of the rotor, the UAV with intelligent remote control spraying biological agents steadily rises above the paddy field. Then, the control liquid carried in the fuselage began to be sprayed "leisurely" from both sides in the form of fog, showing the machine defense technology of Xiangyin modern agricultural rice pest control UAV

as a major agricultural town in Xiangyin, helonghu town has long relied on manual work for farmland plant protection, with long operation time, low efficiency and high spraying risk. This time, the introduction of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles for rice pest control has not only saved time and effort, but also reduced the environmental pollution caused by pesticides and improved the effect of agricultural pest control. According to lixiangyang, the head of the agricultural machinery station of the town, compared with the previous traditional manual operation, the plant protection UAV has high operation efficiency, 8 hours a day without interruption, and can operate 30-50 mu per hour, which can replace more than 40 labors, while the other end of the sample is clamped in the lower clamp, and the operation efficiency is 20-30 times that of the traditional manual operation. A total of 19 unmanned aerial vehicles operated this time, and it is expected to complete the pesticide spraying task of 100000 mu of farmland in the town within 3 days

it is reported that according to the results of this operation, helonghu town will continue to expand the use of UAVs. At the same time, it will also promote the establishment of plant protection teams, further promote the popularization of scientific and safe use technology of pesticides, the rapid development of specialized unified prevention and control, the demonstration and promotion of green prevention and control technology, the upgrading of pesticide application equipment, the demonstration and promotion of pesticide reduction and harm control technology, and replace the traditional and backward pesticide application technology with precise, accurate and excellent pesticide application technology, To comprehensively promote the "zero growth" action of pesticides and accelerate the promotion of agriculture, the above is the spring fatigue testing machine manufacturer to uncover the secrets for you. Next, Ruima will teach you how to choose the right fixture, which is scientific and modern

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