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Plasma TVs have been marginalized and accelerated to fade out of the mainstream market

new TV products have appeared frequently, CRT glass shells have just come to an end, OLED has just appeared, and the once mainstream plasma TVs in the market have been marginalized. Not long ago, Panasonic electric closed Shanghai Panasonic plasma display Co., Ltd

Shundian Suning was completely off the shelves

in fact, plasma TV has already quietly faded out of the mainstream market. On January 14, when I came to the three major home appliance stores in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, only Gome had plasma TVs, while Shundian and Suning had all taken plasma TVs off the shelves. A Skyworth shopping guide said that Skyworth had taken plasma TVs off the shelves and its inventory had been cleared at the special sale after new year's day. Konka shopping guide also said that plasma TVs have been off the shelves for a long time

Gome's three brands, seven models and other parts. The ratio of the load at the moment of ionic electric fracture to the cross-section at the fracture is also biased to a corner. See Sichuan Changhong has three plasma TVs placed aside in the sample area, and several plasma TVs of Samsung and Panasonic are not in the eye-catching position. According to store manager Li of Gome, although Sichuan Changhong has three prototypes, only 55 inch models are mainly on sale. Several plasmas account for only 2-3% of the company's TV sales

a Gome shopping guide said that plasma TVs have rarely been shipped recently. Unless people have special preferences for plasma, most people will not choose plasma TVs. A shopping guide in Suning claimed that plasma TV is a transitional product and is now out of date

in the past, the competitiveness of plasma lay in the large screen. Now, this situation has changed. According to the stores, large screen LED TVs of more than 60 inches and even 84 Inches can be found everywhere, and large screen LED TVs with the concepts of 3D TV, cloud TV, smart TV and so on occupy the main display space of various brands

the large-scale price reduction of LED TV in recent years is also the most direct reason for compressing the plasma TV market. Taking 55 inch as an example, the price of 55 inch led TVs of several brands has fallen to about 7000 yuan, of which the promotional price of a 55 inch 3dled TV of Hisense has fallen to 5599 yuan, while the price of 55 inch plasma TVs sold by Sichuan Changhong seen in displacement precision Gome is close to 6000 yuan, and the price advantage of plasma TVs is no longer obvious

fans support the niche market

plasma TV has a short history. Shanghai Panasonic plasma, which was shut down, started production in 2001, and the first plasma screen production line in China was built by Changhong Group with an investment of 6billion yuan in 2006. However, since 2009, relevant enterprises have successively exited the industry, and in 2012, many mainstream manufacturers such as Sony, Philips and LG have successively faded out

the situation has changed so fast that manufacturers such as Sichuan Changhong have been unable to adhere to their original intentions. In October, 2012, Sichuan Changhong passed the proposal to terminate the acquisition of the equity of "OULIAN PDP" from Changhong Group at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, changing its strategy of adhering to the implementation of plasma. Liuhaizhong, the planning department of Sichuan Changhong, said that now Changhong's plasma and led businesses are going hand in hand

but Liu Haizhong believes that this does not mean that plasma is not competitive. He said that the production and sales of the company's plasma screen project are booming, and the lower part of the production line has upper pressure plate workers, who even need three shifts to work overtime. Changhong data showed that as of the end of October this year, only 50 inch plasma screen shipments increased by more than 60% year-on-year

the advantage of plasma on liquid crystal lies in its image quality, good color restoration ability and natural display color. According to the aforementioned Gome shopping guide, there are still enthusiasts who have a special preference for plasma. Liu Haizhong also believes that although OLED has very good image quality, the price is very high, and the maximum size is only 55 inches at present. If someone wants to match home theater, the boss of professional market will definitely recommend plasma screen TV

a home appliance industry analyst said that plasma TV is obviously going downhill. Although it may exist for a long time, the market will be relatively small

however, at the just concluded CES consumer electronics show in the United States, Samsung and Panasonic both showed several plasma products, which mainly realized innovative functions such as face recognition and intelligent content adjustment for new intelligent applications combined with built-in cameras

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