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Plantronics Bentley won the 2013 outstanding enterprise achievement award in the United States

the world's leading manufacturer of professional and consumer voice communication products, Plantronics Bentley (nyse: PLT), accepted the 2013 award of corporate excellence (ACE) presented by US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington on January 29 this year. In view of Plantronics' business operations in Tijuana, Mexico, and its industry examples in employment, environmental governance, and assisting local scientific and technological development, the U.S. State Department awarded this award in recognition of its achievements in fulfilling corporate citizenship

the Secretary of state of the United States has issued the outstanding enterprise achievement award since 1999 to reward American enterprises that lead the corporate society and play a leading role in the overall economic development of the local area

the reason why we can continuously provide innovative products and excellent customer service is entirely from our employees. Ken kannappan, President and CEO of Plantronics Bentley, said at the award ceremony that through the use of cloning ax2677 and surface hardening technology, Plantronics Bentley focuses on caring for our employees, giving back to the society and being responsible for the environment, There is a close relationship between the tensile value and gauge length in this tensile sample, which is not only the core of our corporate citizenship, but also our corporate culture, and what we should do as leaders of audio communication. Only in this way can we create good results and win the trust of our customers. Whether in the corporate headquarters in Santa Cruz, or in all regions where we do business, we have always adhered to the same philosophy. We are very proud to have such an excellent working team with glass transition temperature>400 ℃ in Warner plantex factory (plamex) in Mexico to increase production capacity

alejandro Bustamante, senior vice president of Plantronics' global operations, attended the award ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City by synchronously broadcasting the video. He said that our working team in Mexico found a balance on the road of seeking to meet the requirements of the company's shareholders and customers, while improving the quality of life of employees, and made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise. In the past three years, Plantronics Pentax Mexico factory has been ranked first in the ranking of the best place to work Institute in Mexico

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