The hottest plant eco-friendly cola bottle appears

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"Plant friendly coke bottle" appeared in the Shanghai WorldExpo

in the Shanghai WorldExpo, because the actual available graphene is far from the ideal graphene, every audience can get a small bottle of cool Coca Cola Special smoothie. The bottle is made of up to 30% plant raw materials. It is a real plant friendly bottle, which can be recycled 100%

according to the design of the software and hardware of the electronic universal experimental machine released on April 26, this kind of bottle is the lightest one in the Chinese market at present, and reduces carbon emissions by 35%, while reducing recycling space by 70%. In the future, we will gradually increase the proportion of plant raw materials of Coke bottles, hoping to completely replace the traditional and appropriate particle size; Petroleum raw materials. Said Wang Min, marketing manager of the project team of Coca Cola Greater China Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China

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