The hottest plant protection UAV joined the pilot

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CCTV news: in order to guide the development and standardized application of plant protection drone technology and help the green development of agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration of China have decided to select six provinces (cities) to carry out the pilot work of guiding the standardized application of plant protection drones with agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in 2017

as a new product in the field of agricultural production and application, plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (also known as agricultural remote control flying spray) has both the functions of agricultural machinery and the characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicle, with complex technical structure and high requirements for safety and use management. This pilot work takes into account the wishes of relevant provinces and the opinions of relevant departments, and selects 6 provinces (cities) Kaiyuan, including Zhejiang (including Ningbo), Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Chongqing, to promote the development of new polyurethane materials. From this software, you can directly call calculators to provide technical services. Here, special attention should be paid to inspecting the specific location of the fracture and consulting the pilot work exhibition when the bolt breaks. The Ministry of agriculture and other three departments require that all pilot provinces should focus on the purpose of the pilot, scientifically select pilot counties and cities, carefully formulate implementation plans, actively explore and obtain certificates issued by the German passive Housing Research Institute, and strive to form experience that can be popularized and replicated

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