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The planning system comprehensively guides the development of manufacturing industry to usher in a new era

you can reach the moon in nine days and catch turtles in five oceans. Travel thousands of miles a day and 800 miles a night. With the progress of science and technology, these fantastic ideas in ancient times are becoming a reality step by step

Since the reform and opening up, China's equipment manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, established a modern industrial system with a complete range of categories, and jumped to the first place in the world. Especially in the past five years, not only Tianyan sounding, Jiaolong exploring the sea, Shenzhou flying, high-speed rail Mercedes Benz, Beidou group, the first flight of large aircraft, and a number of made in China distributed in high-end equipment, strategic emerging industries, informatization and other aspects have stunned the world. Moreover, the industrialization of China's high-end CNC system has also accelerated, with the market share rising to 5%, and the middle-end CNC system reaching 25%. Three industrialized production bases have been formed. The ball screw, guide rail and other functional components have approached the international advanced level in terms of precision, reliability and other key indicators; The successful implementation of major special projects of large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and high-temperature gas cooled reactor has established a complete three generation nuclear power equipment material and equipment manufacturing system for China. These achievements have gone from the accumulation of quantity to the qualitative leap, from the breakthrough of point to the improvement of system capacity, and laid a solid foundation for the implementation of made in China 2025, according to the latest research report of ASD company

On May 19, 2015, the State Council officially issued "made in China 2025", which is the first 10-year action program for China to implement the manufacturing power strategy. Since then, in order to refine the implementation of "made in China 2025", strive to break through the bottlenecks and weaknesses of manufacturing development, and seize the commanding heights of future competition, the national leading group for the construction of a manufacturing power has launched the preparation of the 1+x planning system. So far, five major project implementation guidelines, led by "made in China 2025", including manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial foundation, have been formed to develop service-oriented manufacturing Two special action guidelines for quality brand improvement, four development planning guidelines for information industry and manufacturing talents, a total of 11 special plans and two standardization and quality improvement plans are the backbone, supplemented by green books such as the technical roadmap of key areas and the catalogue of four basic industrial development, and the supporting documents implemented by all regions are the policy system of horizontal linkage, vertical connection and coordination in all aspects

at the 2016 press conference of the State Council Office on the development of the industrial communication industry, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that by the end of 2016, the formulation of the 1+x planning system of "made in China 2025" had been completed and had been released, and a total of 11 supporting documents had been formulated. At the same time, some supporting policies are continuously improving, focusing on five major projects and key landmark projects, and some goals are set every year to drive the comprehensive promotion with key breakthroughs, so as to continuously achieve the phased goals of 2020 and 2025

at the same time, all regions have also actively implemented the made in China 2025, formulated corresponding planning policies, and established a number of made in China 2025 demonstration cities (clusters). Over the past two years, the importance of the manufacturing industry has been significantly increased from the national to local levels, positive progress has been made in improving the supply quality and innovation capacity of the manufacturing industry, and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has been further accelerated. At present, the Ministry of industry and information technology has coordinated the industrial development foundation and industrial layout of various regions, and has approved 12 cities including Ningbo and 4 city clusters including 5 cities in southern Jiangsu, the West Bank of the Pearl River, Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, and zhengluoxin as pilot demonstration cities (clusters) of made in China 2025. All pilot cities (clusters) have made bold explorations in the construction of innovation system, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, etc., launched a series of innovative measures in combination with local reality, and made useful attempts in the new path and mode of transformation and upgrading

five projects vigorously promote

made in China 2025 puts forward five projects, including the construction project of manufacturing innovation center, strengthening basic engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering, green manufacturing engineering and high-end equipment innovation engineering. At present, the five major projects have been fully launched and achieved preliminary results

from the perspective of specific results, in the construction of manufacturing innovation centers. The first national power battery innovation center has been established, and the construction plan of the national additive manufacturing innovation center has also been demonstrated. At the same time, 19 provincial manufacturing innovation centers have been established in all provinces and cities. What this manufacturing innovation center solves is not the key technology that a single enterprise has the ability to solve, but the common technology breakthrough mainly facing the industry

in terms of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, 226 comprehensive standardization test verification and new mode application projects of intelligent manufacturing have been carried out, and 109 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects have been selected. According to the comparative survey before and after the implementation of the demonstration project one year later, the production efficiency of the enterprise has increased by an average of 38%, the energy utilization rate has increased by an average of 9.5%, the annual operating cost has decreased by an average of 21%, the product development cycle has been shortened by an average of 35% compared with the past, and the product defect rate has been reduced by an average of 27%. We have explored and formed a number of mature, reproducible and generalizable new intelligent manufacturing models, studied and formulated a number of key standards such as the reference model of digital chemical plant in terms of technical standards, and preliminarily established the framework of intelligent manufacturing standard system

in addition, as a representative of intelligent manufacturing, China's robot industry has developed rapidly. At the world robot conference, the China Institute of Electronics released the report on the development of China's robot industry (2017). The report predicts that the size of China's robot market will reach US $6.28 billion in 2017, with an average growth rate of nearly 28% from 2012 to 2017, while the global average growth rate is only 17% in the same period

in terms of industrial foundation strengthening projects, the first batch of 19 public service platforms for industrial technology foundation have been built, and the neck problems of a number of core basic parts, key basic materials and advanced basic processes have been solved. A number of products such as high-end aviation fasteners have broken the situation of completely relying on imports. Breaking through a number of key basic material technologies, such as high-standard bearing steel materials, has formed a complete set of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Some advanced basic processes have made important progress, such as the industrialization of stainless steel tubes for ultra supercritical thermal power units. The foundation of industrial technology has been continuously consolidated. For example, more than 11000 national and industrial standards have been issued in key areas such as CNC machine tools and new materials, and 97 proposals such as the fourth generation mobile communication have become national standards

in terms of green manufacturing engineering, a total of 57 high-risk pollutant reduction projects have been implemented, 99 enterprises have been organized to carry out the pilot of green design demonstration enterprises, and 51 industrial parks have been promoted to create national low-carbon industrial parks. In 2017, China Green Manufacturing Alliance was established in Beijing. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, stressed that the establishment of China Green Manufacturing Alliance is conducive to further promoting the dissemination of green manufacturing concepts, strengthening the interactive exchanges of politics, industry, University, research, finance, etc., enhancing international cooperation in green manufacturing, and promoting the development and growth of green manufacturing industry. According to statistics, in 2016, the energy consumption of industrial added value above designated size decreased by 5.47% year-on-year, and the water consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased by 6% year-on-year. In the first half of 2017, at present, domestic instrument enterprises are basically composed of three teams: R & D, sales and after-sales. The industry is growing steadily, and various positive factors continue to appear. The added value of industries above Designated Size nationwide increased by 6.9% year-on-year. The trend of industrial green development that maintains a rapid growth rate is gradually taking shape, and industrial green development has reached a new level

in terms of high-end equipment innovation projects, high-precision CNC gear grinding machines, multi axis precision heavy-duty machine tools, CNC stamping production lines and other products have ranked among the world's advanced ranks. ARJ21 regional jet has been put into commercial operation, cc Packing list 919 large trunk jet is about to make its first flight, and ag600 amphibious aircraft will also make its first flight within this year. At the same time, the Long March 5 large carrier rocket and the world's first quantum satellite have been successfully launched

in addition, China's major landmark equipment manufacturing projects have achieved phased results. Taking the robot as an example, the first flexible composite industrial robot in China has been successfully developed, and the annual production capacity of 50 protective nets of concrete pressure testing machines has been achieved. The servo motor, RV Reducer and harmonic reducer used by the robot have achieved breakthroughs, and have been supplied in batches

in the past five years, more and more large manufacturing enterprises have provided customized data analysis and application solutions oriented to industry needs through information means and industrial big data analysis means, so as to speed up the construction of new competitive advantages based on industrial ecology

in 2016, the State Council recently issued the guiding opinions on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing industry and interconnection (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which deployed to deepen the integrated development of manufacturing industry and interconnection, jointly promote the made in China 2025 and interconnection + action, and accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power. Subsequently, ministries and local governments have also issued detailed rules to promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization

under the guidance and support of policies, enterprises' enthusiasm for innovation has increased significantly. For example, relying on the i5 intelligent CNC machine tool jointly developed with digital China, Shenyang machine tool has built a sesol platform integrating consumers, designers, manufacturers, solution providers and hardware suppliers, and launched a sharing economy model, which enables users to purchase processing capacity on demand and pay according to the variety, quantity and processing time of processed parts

Alibaba integrated the manufacturing capacity of tens of thousands of enterprises on the Taobao factory platform, realized the processing collaboration of multiple factories with one order, and solved the problems of low operation efficiency and overcapacity of the industrial chain caused by scattered manufacturing resources and ineffective connection between supply and demand

on the other hand, Alibaba and XCMG have built a cloud platform for construction machinery, which can collect 24-hour data from machines running everywhere, realizing remote monitoring and dynamic management. At the same time, R & D personnel used big data analysis to upgrade and optimize products, and developed and launched G-Series customized products to better meet the personalized needs of users

Aerospace Science and industry creates an aerospace cloud platform to attract upstream and downstream enterprises and improve the efficiency of resource allocation through the industry big data collected on the platform. In the one year since its launch, the number of registrations has exceeded 177000, covering metal, equipment, electrical, electronic and other manufacturing industries, and the overall turnover of the platform has reached 9.765 billion yuan

the opinions clearly points out that the manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy and the main battlefield for the implementation of interconnection + action. Promoting the integration of manufacturing and interconnection is conducive to the formation of superposition effect, aggregation effect and multiplication effect, and accelerating the transformation of old and new development drivers and production systems. We should take stimulating the innovation vitality, development potential and transformation power of manufacturing enterprises as the main line, focus on the construction of an innovation and entrepreneurship platform for the integration of manufacturing and interconnection, and focus on the key links of the integration of manufacturing and interconnection, actively cultivate new models and new formats, strengthen the support of the information technology industry, improve information security, consolidate the foundation for integrated development, create a new ecosystem for integrated development, fully release the power of interconnection + and develop the new economy, Accelerate the upgrading of made in China to improve quality and efficiency

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