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Shanghai starts the real estate registration work or forces some stock houses to flow into the market

Shanghai starts the real estate registration work of the people's Republic of China or forces some stock houses to flow into the market

February 2, 2016

[China paint information] recently, the general office of the people's Government of Shanghai issued the "notice on doing a good job in the unified registration of real estate in this city", comprehensively starting the unified registration of real estate

in terms of implementation agencies, Shanghai proposed that the Municipal Leading Group for unified real estate registration is responsible for organizing and coordinating all departments to promote the implementation of unified registration. The Municipal Department of planning, land and resources is responsible for guiding and supervising the city's real estate registration, and a real estate registration bureau is set up under it, which is responsible for organizing the unified registration of real estate in the city; Integrate the public institutions with the functions of real estate registration undertaken by the municipal planning, land and resources, housing and urban rural construction management and other departments, and establish the municipal real estate registration center to handle specific registration affairs as the public institutions subordinate to the municipal planning, land and resources department. All districts and counties integrate real estate registration responsibilities with reference to the municipal level

at the same time, Shanghai clearly, The municipal planning and land resources department is responsible for the construction of the city's real estate registration "It's like a series of failed combination information systems, which comprehensively clean up and sort out the historical data of real estate registration, and integrate the registration data of land, housing, forest land, rural land and sea area. The real estate registration information system should be interconnected with the national real estate registration information platform of the Ministry of land and resources and the management information platforms of Shanghai housing transaction, land, forest land, rural land and marine approval, as well as with public security, civil affairs, finance, taxation, etc Relevant information of the Department is exchanged and shared to ensure the safety and convenience of relevant business handling and data interaction

in an interview, many insiders believed that the full launch of real estate registration in Shanghai marked the more comprehensive reform of Shanghai's real estate market. Through the improvement of the real estate registration system, it could provide various evidences for the more accurate regulation and control of Shanghai's real estate market, and also better grasp the details of Shanghai's real estate market, so as to optimize the supply structure Adjust and control according to local conditions to create conditions

"real estate registration is mainly to clarify and protect property rights and ensure convenient transactions. With the introduction of real estate registration, it will pave the way for the implementation of real estate tax, which can restrain the demand for real estate speculation and investment to a certain extent, and may force some stock houses into the market in the short term." Kerry analyst Xie Yangchun told Ji that it will also help the whole industry develop towards social specialization and collaboration

Lu Qilin (blog), director of Market Research of Shanghai linkhome, admitted that when it was rumored that real estate registration would be implemented, there had been a "sell-off E. auto scale wave of automatic optimization of graphic curve scale" of high-end second-hand housing in Lujiazui, Shanghai. At that time, many "within the system" people had sold off, which once led to a decline in house prices in Lujiazui area

"whether it is local governments or developers, this policy is definitely bad in the short term, which will affect the transaction psychology of the market. Everyone is definitely inclined to buy less houses." Ouyangjie, senior vice president of Xincheng holdings, previously said in an interview, "the introduction and implementation of the real estate registration regulations is the foundation of the future implementation of the real estate tax. Through our calculation, it may curb the demand for house purchase, including speculation, investment and improvement, by about 10%

Xie Chen, senior director of CBRE Lihua east research department, believes that the short-term bad situation of real estate registration is more psychological, and it will take several years from the implementation of real estate registration to the landing of real estate tax. I learned that it will take a lot of time to implement the real estate registration in various places, and then to collect information and start collecting real estate tax, and the market will slowly digest this policy

"Shanghai will definitely regulate house prices in the future, but the regulation of real estate registration on house prices is still limited. In the future, it may be necessary to increase land supply to truly solve the problem of house prices." Xie Chunyang believes that "in the long run, there are still certain benefits for the rational planning of the market."

according to the data of Shanghai linkhome, the average price of first-hand commercial housing in Shanghai in 2016 has exceeded 35000/square meter, and regulating house prices has become a top priority. Real estate registration has been discussed since 2014 and now it has been implemented, which really takes a lot of time. In the short term, there has been a round of selling before, and now the landing may also lead to an increase in supply and then a decline in house prices

in the long run, this policy is beneficial to the whole industry. Through the current big data interconnection technology, improve the industry information sharing mechanism, solve the problem of industry information asymmetry, and fully carry out free competition, we can have a reasonable expectation for the whole industry in the future, rather than a sharp rise and fall. " Xie Chen mentioned

"to some extent, such policies can be linked to the subsequent management of investment models and house purchase strategies. For the Shanghai market, the attitude of all kinds of capital towards real estate investment is not consistent. From the perspective of the steady development of the real estate market, through the deterrence and expected guidance function behind the real estate registration system, we can orderly guide all kinds of funds to enter the Shanghai real estate market." Yanyuejin, research director of E-House (blog) think tank, believes that

Yan Yuejin further pointed out that the implementation of Shanghai real estate registration will also provide better conditions for the follow-up management of house prices in Shanghai. Although it can not completely reverse the continuous rising trend of house prices in Shanghai, it can inhibit all kinds of real estate speculation factors to a certain extent and play a positive role in the stable and healthy development of house prices

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