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Oracle put forward the reason to push the call center into the cloud

Oracle bet that because the organization is considering using modern technology to support and attract the needs of customers, many of them will decide to rely on cloud services to develop the next generation of call center type applications

Oracle electric vehicle is the main focus of the automotive industry today. Briankracik, senior director of enterprise communications and cloud service product marketing, said that Oracle live experience cloud provides everything from HD video and audio to mobile application and chat robot deployment. We can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods. Nowadays, mobile computing applications are particularly important because customers are increasingly away from calls, which is the main method of customer support

voice is not where it wants to go, nor is it where it wants to go, kracik said

with the development of the call center environment, the interface is mild. Kracik also pointed out that Oracle will be in a unique position to apply advanced machines to a large number of customer data in a way that most organizations cannot do by themselves through mechanical barrel and deep learning algorithm

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