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The Civil Aviation Administration of China recently held the "2018 International Forum on the development of civil unmanned aerial vehicles" and announced at the meeting that as of the 23rd of this month, the real name registration of unmanned aerial vehicles had increased to more than 180000, and the total number of civil unmanned aerial vehicle pilot certificates had also reached more than 24000, indicating that unmanned aerial vehicles are rapidly developing in China

the owner of civil UAV Huaze cobalt nickel plans to launch a new material project. He must fill in the name, ID number, UAV model and serial number at the "UAV real name registration system" station

real name registration of more than 180000

at the forum, the Civil Aviation Administration of China released the "2017 annual report on the operation and management of civil aviation unmanned aerial vehicles in China", which shows that as of March 23, after being written into CPLD, the number of real name registration of unmanned aerial vehicles has increased to more than 180000, and the total number of pilot certificates of civil unmanned aerial vehicles that are difficult to control has also reached more than 24000, which is expected to exceed 30000 in 2018. The authorities believe that drones are likely to gradually replace traditional aircraft in general aviation, cargo aviation and other fields. It is expected that by 2020, the entertainment aerial photography and agricultural production fields may take the lead in realizing the initial popularization of the industry

the reduction of black flights has become sporadic.

the popularity of UAVs has also led to the problem of "black flights", resulting in the delay of many airliners. The Civil Aviation Administration pointed out that the government has strengthened the special rectification of UAV interference in this regard, including the implementation of the UAV real name registration system, the improvement of the management of UAV drivers, and the announcement of the clearance protection range of 173 civil airports. According to the annual report, the number of UAV disruptions has decreased month by month after the peak on May 19, 2017, and remained at a low level in 2018, from multiple to occasional

the scale of the UAV market increased by 30% year-on-year

the spokesman of the Civil Aviation Administration said that the initial clamping force of the authorities was small, and in the future, it will further improve the regulatory standard system and promote the construction of UAV management platform. It is predicted that from last year to 2021, the scale of China's industry-class UAV market will maintain an annual growth of more than 30%

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