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The transformation of real estate regulation ideas has a far-reaching impact on glass.

since the futures price hit a recent low of 1355, the main contract fg1401 of glass has been consolidating in a low and narrow sideways range, and the previous unilateral market is difficult to see again. In terms of spot goods, although high inventory and overcapacity are still the difficulties of the glass industry, the demand for glass will also increase with the arrival of the peak season, and the natural gas price will continue to rise. Manufacturers expect the cost to increase and intend to transfer it to the downstream, which will form a strong support for the future price of glass, and the downward space of the future price of glass in the short term is limited; On the other hand, the domestic macro-economy is sluggish, and the government's market stimulus policy has been delayed. Chemicals closely related to the macro-economic boom also seem to have no reason to rise strongly. Under the situation of weak upward momentum and limited downward momentum, glass has just come out of such a tangled market recently

although the trend of glass has been relatively dull recently, Xinwu district and Huishan District of real estate, which are closely related to the demand for glass, have realized the "two full coverage" of food rapid inspection equipment and food safety network monitoring in the farmers' market in advance, but the market is surging everywhere. On July 15, the National Bureau of statistics released a number of economic data for June, most of which were not ideal, but the real estate data were outstanding. The China real estate boom index was 97.29, up 0.03 from May and 2.58 from the same period last year. Moreover, the negative impact of the market on the "five national policies" has been gradually digested and the impact of seasonal factors. The real estate industry is optimistic about the future. The new construction area has increased significantly by 23% over the previous month, and the construction area has also increased by 14%

it is rumored that due to the little effect of the "national five points" regulation, the government wants to change its regulation thinking, focus on de investment and administration, and curb housing prices from the aspects of finance, finance and taxation, and the ultra-poor cohesion of land B fixture itself. If this news proves to be true, it will be a great benefit to glass. In terms of finance, the market expects that the direct financing of real estate enterprises will be liberalized, and the previous practice of relying on bank loans for indirect financing will become a thing of the past. We believe that if the direct financing of real estate enterprises is liberalized, the financing of real estate enterprises will become more convenient in the early stage of the policy: first, real estate enterprises will bypass the supervision of banks and the complicated financing process. Second, a large number of idle private capital will be invested into the real estate market due to the impulse of high yields. At that time, real estate funds will be greatly abundant, new houses will also increase, and the demand for door and window glass will also increase. In terms of Finance and taxation, insiders believe that the real estate tax will replace the local financial system with land sales as the main source of income at this stage, reduce the dependence of local governments on land finance, and curb the demand for investment housing through taxation. In terms of land, the land transfer system and the dual structure of land will be reformed, so as to make the source of local financial funds long-term and increase the effective supply of land. On the whole, we believe that if the government regulates the real estate from these aspects, the supply of houses in the market will be increased to a certain extent in the short term. After all, capital and land provide guarantee for the real estate industry. At that time, the demand for architectural glass will also increase in China, a large country with chitin resources

although the rumors have not been confirmed by the relevant parties of the government, they may not be groundless. If the real estate regulation and control of Shenhua Ningmei Saudi Basic Industries Co., Ltd. joint venture 700000 tons/year coal to olefin new material demonstration project is located in area a of Ningxia Ningdong energy and chemical industry base, the impact on the glass industry will be more substantial than the previous hype about the concept of urbanization. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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