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Real experience evaluation how about Lenovo fully automatic smart door lock X1? How many faults are there?

this Lenovo is like weighing a pin with a scale. Lenovo automatic intelligent door lock X1 started from a certain East, which was recommended by a home decoration friend. Later, a certain East planted this Lenovo automatic intelligent door lock x1. The delivery and logistics efficiency of this door lock is very fast, and the door-to-door installation service is also very satisfactory. The fixture of the old-fashioned door at home should not cause the sample to break at the fixture. The size of the lock is appropriate, But the door frame needs to be transformed. The installation brother arrived in advance before 14 o'clock, and began to work in the heat. It took less than an hour from the beginning to the end. For the enterprise, it was already sweating. After the installation, it is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development. Teach us to operate and use it, and bring our wife The fingerprint of the child was recorded together and tested. The recognition rate is very high and convenient. You don't have to worry about forgetting your key when you go out (the minimum charge for unlocking in our county is 80 yuan). It's really super convenient, smart to change life, great! The high-tech door lock has powerful functions, which is very satisfactory. The most important thing is that it can check the situation of children at home at any time, which is very worry free

Lenovo fully automatic smart door lock X1 more user comments on the advantages and disadvantages details "hope to help later friends for reference

II. Lenovo Lenovo fully automatic smart door lock X1 price quotation:

[JD] Lenovo fully automatic smart door lock X1 fingerprint lock smart lock electronic lock password lock smart door lock household anti-theft door C-level lock cylinder Mocha Brown

JD price: ¥ 2699.00

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III. Lenovo fully automatic smart door lock X1 configuration parameters:

trade name: Lenovo x1

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