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Selection and troubleshooting of silk printing ink

due to the multi-functional and multi-purpose printing ink, it is more important to correctly select and use printing ink. Only by selecting printing ink correctly according to the characteristics of substrate, printing equipment, post printing processing conditions, cost and so on, can we print products with low price and good quality. 1、 Selection and use of printing inks

printing inks, like other types of inks, are made by mixing and grinding pigments, resins, solvents and additives

1. According to the drying method, it can be divided into:

evaporation drying type - the method of making ink film-forming and adhesion through solvent volatilization

oxidative polymerization - a method of making ink film-forming and adhesion through oxidation reaction

the two fluid reaction type leather tensile machine is an electric lever type (knife edge type) non-metallic material strength testing machine - a method of making ink film-forming and adhesion through two-component chemical reaction

UV curing type - a method of film forming and adhesion of ink caused by chemical reaction caused by UV irradiation

inks with different drying methods can bring different gloss, different resistance (mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, climate resistance) of the ink film after printing, and require different drying equipment, which constitutes different costs, so users need to choose carefully

2. According to the type of binder, the ink can also be divided into many types. Different ink manufacturers choose different resins, which can be roughly divided into epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl, acrylic acid, rubber and so on. Only when the different materials of the substrate are clear, different resin types of inks can be selected to avoid the wrong choice of inks. Considering the impact of box printing on the compressive strength, it will lead to poor adhesion. For the substrate with unclear material, it is best to determine the selected ink after passing the printing test

3. Different types of inks use the supporting diluents provided by their manufacturers, mainly because various diluents have different solubility for different resin types of inks, so as to avoid adverse printing effects

4. See Table 1 for the selection of KY printing ink of Japan Gongrong Co., Ltd

Table 1 Introduction to KY printing ink

normal 0 the surface of the material instantly forms a high-strength carbonization protective layer cm 0pt> ink type

normal 0cm 0pt> binder type and diluent

normal 0cm 0pt> purpose

normal 0cm 0pt> characteristics

normal 0cm 0pt> drying method

normal 0cm 0pt> SS

normal 0cm 0pt> vinyl

ss-718 fast drying

ss-783 slow drying

normal 0cm 0pt> soft and hard PVC, ABS, PS, As plexiglass, polycarbonate (PC), Al foil, gold card paper

normal 0cm 0pt> high gloss, multi-purpose, good durability and workability, can be used for transparent printing

normal 0cm 0pt> evaporative drying type

15 ~ 30min at room temperature

refers to touch drying

normal 0cm 0pt>ss

normal 0cm 0pt> vinyl

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