Selection conditions of the hottest clutch bearing

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Selection conditions of clutch bearing

the conditions required for selection are as follows:

overrunning clutch

2. Inspection during operation: motor specification; Starting torque/rated torque of electric motor; Rated driving torque; Operating speed range

inertia "J" of the driven part; The range of exceeding the running speed; Service life; Diameter of the shaft

positioning clutch

positioning movement times/minute; Positioning movement angle; Rated torque; Inertia "J" of the driven part; Transmit the acceleration of the electromechanical moving parts of the oil source; Service life; Diameter of the shaft

prevent reverse clutch

from failure

reverse impact torque; The maximum dynamic backward impact torque, "we plan to produce this torque through this project because the end points of the object are fixed, and the work between the end points produces an elastic effect; the range of super running speed; service life; shaft diameter

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