Yes thanks- New Better Together hijacker explains

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Yes thanks: New Better Together hijacker explains Unionist campaign's problem - Today News Post Today News || UK News

LATE last months provincewide lockdown to comba, The National told how the old Better Together website,, has been turned into a pro-independence page after it was hijacked by a Yesser.

Today, we can reveal that it’s not the only one. And the campaigner behind the latest hijack believes that these online takeovers highlight one big problem with the entire Better Together campaign.

“They registered all of these domain names,,, and even that other one, concerns, the fact that they registered all those domain names and then just let them lapse,” the campaigner said.

“It was as ifUsing municipal wastewater to look for evidence o, well, ‘we’ve won, let’s walk away and forget about it’.

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